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Zen story: old tradition of Zen Stories: the old tradition of a old monk has been advocating nature, he thinks Zen should not be made, all natural is good. In his temple, there lived a lovely little monk in the temple, usually sweep flowers, help missions. But when the little monk line hall put chopsticks, who should never be; chanting chanting, who do not know who he before. One day, a old monk is something out, a monk came to the temple. The monk saw little monk do no tricks, sweeping not according to certain procedures, there are no human visitors to Chicago, so tell the little monk said, "you have just done, does not conform to the program rules, I tell you how to do it." Night a old monk from the outside back to the temple, Osa Yachi saw the old master, he went to the information desk ". The old monk saw little monk suddenly for a man, be surprised, refined and courteous, he asked: "who taught you this one?" The little monk was naive, smiled and answered the old Zen master said: "is the monk Hall of the new monk!" The old monk monk called and asked him: "you walk around the seat, cloud water, what is? I am in the monastery the little monk came to me for two or three years, has been very active, who let you teach him bad?" The monk confused, confused Jackson questioning intention, do not know how to respond. At this time the old Zen master suddenly waved, coldly said: "fast, put your clothes clean up, leave immediately!" Although it is raining, the monk had to go out of the temple. Zen advocate nature, this is the Zen door style. Zen is natural, not false or false thoughts, so wayward freedom, you fangkuang, becomes the criterion of zen. The monk to the world to teach novices, this fact is legitimate, but must be restored to the world by Zen in nature, the so-called "and consistent movement as". Unfortunately, the monk only heavy world, not heavy Zen, too vulgar to be endured not beyond, so saying, the old monk monk blame disturbed the Zen rules. If he can have the appropriate response at the time, old master will not make him leave in a rainy day, give him such an a blow and a shout.相关的主题文章:

No chewing ability is not good baby, only the wrong foods! Sohu –www.dytt8.net

No chewing ability is not good baby, only the wrong foods! – Sohu mother and baby just started to add a lot of shrimp meat, shrimp, shrimp? Even the cooked shrimp, peeled and chopped up directly to the baby to eat, the baby may still chew the chewing the noodle, and finally became a lump, can not swallow, spit out directly. This does not mean the baby’s chewing ability is not good, but this way of eating really hard to chew, in order to let the baby eat tender, good chewing food, little mother developed a very good chew tender shrimp, the purpose is to let the baby not long molar tooth they can chew gum. After a baby to add seafood? It was a long time ago that the United States, the new parenting guide mentioned before the age can not add food only milk and honey and other food in the premise of ensuring the baby is not allergic to it can try to add a few. If the baby is easy for food allergy, the proposal of shrimp meat a little later added, when the first attempt, don’t forget to be small and small, and observed that there were no allergic reaction oh baby formula: shrimp shrimp by 66g, cabbage 15g, starch 6G, egg 25g (can be used instead of water) seasoning: no cooking methods: Cooking reference month more than 9 months: the degree of difficulty: moderate (mud shrimp paste to thin consistency is the key, if too thick will fail.) Tip: suitable for food ingredients are not allergic to the baby. Note that the menu inside the egg white, egg white allergy can be replaced with water. * * video menu suggestion to the end of the article, click the "read" to play the video, the version will be more clear yo ~ * * 1 ingredients: Graphic recipes prepared shrimp 65g, cabbage 15g, starch 6G, egg white 25g. PS: egg white can make more tender Lili shrimp, but if the baby on egg allergy, can be used instead of water. 2 wash the shrimp, go head, shell, tail. PS: if you buy shrimp is fresh, can be placed in the refrigerator freezer for a while and then fetch operation. 3 then cut the shrimp back with a pair of scissors. 4 shrimp line after the tick, the shrimp into the mixing cup. 5 and then using the mixer to stir into the mud shrimp shrimp. PS: in order to shrimp do tender good chewing, mom is so full of ideas, the structure must first destroy the shrimp, shrimp meat into let mud, mud shrimp with Chinese cabbage hybrid, add a lot of water or mud shrimp egg white, let loose, with the colander made small shrimp meat will be very soft, I try to use the gum can also bring it to crush. 6 will be a good mixing bowl of shrimp mud. PS: the key to, if the baby does not love shrimp flavor, suggested in this step can use lemon pickled 10 minutes and fishy. 7 after the water to boil, add washed cabbage for 30 seconds. 8 cabbage boiled fish, minced. PS:.相关的主题文章:

Autumn must know five health law lack of exercise, eat more green – Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn-sorpack

Autumn must know "five health law": lack of exercise, eat more green – Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn original title: autumn will know the "colored health law": lack of exercise, eat more green vegetables and fruits in autumn are more abundant, in addition to choose their own favorite, but also to eat nutritious health, hurriedly to learn five health hi! Love smoked fried with purple foods rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and sulfur-containing compounds, have certain anti-cancer effects, such as onions and cabbage etc.. The diet is not reasonable, such as people who like roast, smoked, fried, pickled food, it is necessary to eat more purple food. These foods contain bioactive factors, have a role in cancer prevention. Edible method: purple cabbage taste good, salad and fried are very good. The onion is recommended and fried beef and mutton together to cover each other’s taste. Who have chronic disease don’t break the blue food are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, can lower cholesterol and triglyceride content in blood, reduce blood viscosity. To a certain extent can also enhance memory. Common blue foods are blueberries and deep-sea fish. High blood lipids and cardiovascular disease patients can eat blue food. Food: deep-sea fish best cooking rather than frying. Blueberries can be eaten directly, if you are afraid of astringent, but also into blueberry juice. Lack of exercise, eat green food rich in chlorophyll and dietary fiber, dietary fiber which can effectively remove the intestinal waste, is the natural "GI scavenger". Dietary fiber is very beneficial to patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Green food is the common green leafy vegetables, such as rape, leek, celery and spinach etc.. Sedentary, lack of exercise and obesity and people suffering from constipation, green food is a good choice. Edible method: hot days, cold fried green vegetables preferred, if it should grasp three points: hot pot, hot fire, stir fry, can reduce the loss of nutrition. Computer family often eat red food rich in beta carotene, can effectively alleviate the fatigue of the human body, enhance immunity, to a certain extent, prevent colds. Common red foods include carrots, tomatoes and red currants. Red food is very useful to the computer family, can alleviate visual fatigue. Lycopene in tomatoes has a protective effect against prostate cancer in men. Edible methods: carrots can be steamed to eat. If you want to absorb more lycopene tomatoes, it should be heated after eating. The carrots must be fried with meat, nutrients can be dissolved, in fact, beta carotene is fat soluble in the gut is very strong, it can be a little oil absorption, it can also choose salad. The pressure of white-collar to yellow food rich in vitamin C, to a certain extent, ease the pressure caused by fatigue. Yellow food is very common, lemon, grapefruit, apricot, etc.. White collar, the working pressure of the people should eat this kind of food, can alleviate fatigue, shortness of breath, to a certain extent. Food: most of the yellow food is fruit, can be eaten directly. You can choose for lemon juice or water for drinking. (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章:

Chongqing ten the most beautiful family her love for his director dream – Chongqing window – -w-inds.

Chongqing ten "the most beautiful family": her love to achieve his director dream   – Chongqing window – people Cai Xuedan and Chen Jiaxin (right). Municipal Women’s Federation for the Chen Jiaxin and Cai Xuedan met in the network, with their own efforts of each other’s dreams, in the film on the road with. Recently, Chen Jiaxin family was named the top 2016 Chongqing, the most beautiful family". 2011 is the sixth year of Cai Xuedan’s work in Taiyuan, she has been young company executives. Just this year, Cai Xuedan met Chen Jiaxin on the internet. "She’s a strong, independent personality that appeals to me." Chen Jiaxin smiled a little shy. In April of that year, they entered the marriage hall. Chen Jiaxin was a car salesman. After marriage, he revealed himself to his wife’s dream: "director." "I thought I would Xuedan director feel too unrealistic." Chen Jiaxin said, to his surprise, his wife is very understanding, and is willing to fully support him. At that time, Jia Xin want to shoot a French girl in Chongqing, what did not shoot when. I was looking for a French friend Melina in Chongqing." Cai Xuedan recalls, when shooting in Chongqing in the summer, pre filming and editing, and small things are all to Chen Jiaxin, Melina will sometimes help carry photographic equipment, as the stage manager. Unexpectedly, the film was shot in micro-blog lit up! In order to circle their director dream, Chen Jiaxin set up his own studio Our Film Studio. Cai Xuedan is the resignation of senior executives came to work in Chongqing, to help her husband achieve their dreams. Two years later, the couple was "the French girl in Chongqing 2" in support of the Municipal Tourism Bureau launched, word of mouth is still bursting. In 2015, two people in Chongqing and the Consulate General of Italy to accept the invitation to Italy, shooting "Chongqing eyes of Italy" trilogy, so far, the couple’s documentary is on the right track. Husband and wife two people on the road also work hand in hand. 2013 Ya’an earthquake, they will carry a full second days of daily necessities, food to the epicenter area…… To see the disaster, we suddenly feel that their own too limited!" Chen Jiaxin said that the disaster areas have a large number of people in need of help, hope he can through the lens, will tell you what happened here, let more people to join the relief. After two days of hard work, the film about the Ya’an earthquake was finally completed. The film on the first anniversary of the Ya’an earthquake of 2014 when Youku a premiere and was in the top page. From the car salesman to the director of the gorgeous, from corporate executives to the wife of the brave Chen Jiaxin and Cai Xuedan transform, the exclusive two of them a happy life, the happy life in the film, there is a dream…… (cover: pure, commissioning editor?)相关的主题文章: