41Ministry of Public Security announced the details of the case of Xu Yuyu the suspect attacked colleg|Ministry of Public Security announced the details of the case of Xu Yuyu the suspect attacked colleg5

The Ministry of Public Security announced the details of the case: suspect Xu Yuyu attacks the college entrance examination information network to steal information Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) recently, Xu Yuyu college was the telecommunications network fraud after the death or Dutch act, has aroused widespread concern. Today, the Ministry of Public Security announced the details of the case of Xu Yuyu, the suspect through the attack, Shandong 2016 college entrance examination online registration information system, including the theft of a large number of candidates, including. August 19th, Shandong, Linyi college entrance examination freshmen Xu Yuyu was posing as illegal criminals education, finance department staff fraud 9900 yuan. This is one family live frugally for half a year to round out Xu Yuyu’s College tuition. Two days later, heartbroken Xu Yuyu died of cardiac arrest. After the incident, the public security organs to identify the telecommunications network fraud gang and the source of information leakage. After investigation, the suspect Dumou use technical means to attack the "2016 Shandong college entrance examination online registration information system" and at the site of implantation of the virus trojan, access the website backstage login, steal a lot of candidates including Xu Yuyu, registration information. At the beginning of July, the suspect Chen set up fraud dens in Jiangxi province Jiujiang rental housing, through the QQ search "test data group" and "student data" chat group, the release of personal information in the purchase of the demand, from the hands of Dumou at a price of 0.5 yuan each to buy a 1800 year high school students information. At the same time, Chen hired Jeong, Hwang and others posing as the Education Bureau, the Financial Bureau staff to call in order to grant the name of the student enrollment in the college entrance examination fraud. In August 19th 16, the gang fraud 9900 yuan Xu Yuyu, Xu Yuyu impersonation identity to the suspect to open a bank card account remittance 6 minutes later, Chen is in Fujian Quanzhou control Zheng Moumou suspect organization Xiong, Chen Moumou et al in Quanzhou, a bank ATM machine to take the money. Public security organs to further identify the suspect Pengmou through the network repeatedly to Chen criminal gangs selling non real name mobile phone cards for the use of criminal gangs. Currently, more than 8 suspects have been arrested. In addition to the Shandong prospective college students Xu Yuyu case, August 12th, Shandong University of Technology student Song Zhenning was criminals to the bank card fee, withholding of identity was fraudulent and false reason cheated 1996 yuan. July 19th, Guangdong, Huilai college entrance examination freshmen Cai Shuyan received a false winning message, cheated 9800 yuan. Reporters today learned from the Ministry of public security, the 3 cases are all solved, 28 suspects were all arrested.

51The weak US economy caused by the European Euro rally failed to build index by|The weak US economy caused by the European Euro rally failed to build index by5

The weak US economy caused by the European Euro rally failed to build index by Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong network September 7th hearing – Wednesday (September 7th) the European session, the euro against the dollar is still unable to achieve strive for further improvement, near the 1.1260 resistance is quite obvious. However, during the announcement of the German industrial data poor performance, the formation of the exchange rate also did not give much of the blow. Currently, the euro against the U.S. dollar traded near 1.1256, the intraday high temporarily suspended in the 1.1265. German industrial output data in July hit the biggest decline in nearly 2 years, the chain and contraction of the year on year, respectively, and 1.2%, respectively, both before the reversal of the value of 1.1% and an increase of 0.7%. Overnight the United States announced in August ISM non manufacturing data to a large number of dollar bulls fled, the dollar index trend is extremely weak, including the euro to the many non US currencies to form a support. The impact of the euro area macroeconomic data has weakened. America Wednesday time, the United States will be issued a report on the flow of vacancies and labor, the Fed’s Policy Committee George will deliver a speech, these will be the ECB rate decision on Thursday before the announcement, the euro is facing major risk events. Technical analysis of high-grade pressure first look at the 1.13 integer mark, after the opening of the space will rise to 1.1343 (August 28th high). Look at the support of 1.123833 grade (20 day moving average intraday low replacement), after the fall of the measured 1.1194 (5 day moving average replacement). Beijing time 15:16, the euro against the dollar reported 1.124244. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion