2 3 days anti-corruption storm to defend the Hong Kong Sign billions of dollars at the box office kamikaze love

2 "3 days" anti-corruption storm "to defend the Hong Kong Sign" at the box office of the Tencent entertainment news crime action movie "2" since the anti-corruption storm in late September 14th 18 nationwide since the release, the audience got a lot of love and support, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday three days has maintained a high occupancy rate and high ranked high tickets. The audience’s support for "2" in the anti-corruption storm release box office 3 days a successful break billion by the end of September 17th, harvest 106 million yuan at the box office, the successful continuation of "2" and "Hong Kong films show chills" after the apostle walker. In addition to gains high box office, all kinds of wonderful film elements have also been the audience’s praise. "And saw the familiar male god goddess, there are Yan acting!" "As an old TVB fan, the film must be seen, thick Hong Kong memories." "Like this realistic theme of the film, read very inspired." The story is compact, the action is good stimulation, the actor good foundation." The film did well in all aspects, which makes us follow-up performance on it have more expectations. "2" anti-corruption storm produced by Raymond Wong, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam, Chen Jing, Sheng Jun co starred in, coming in the country. On the 3 day at the box office exceeded billion mark "2" successful anti-corruption storm "and" a gilded signboard "relay anti-corruption Storm 2" release of the road is not Everything is going smoothly. The same schedule of outstanding film competition, give the film great pressure and challenge. On the evening of 14 to 18 points ahead of a release of only 6 hours, which makes "2" anti-corruption storm in the amount of discharge sheet at a disadvantage, opening large at the bottom of only four. However, the film with the plot of the story, "Three Kings after a real compact" suction eye lineup and thrilling action scenes, in the fierce competition in the blaze a bright road, 6 hours in the day that box office box office second, excellent performance make people sit up and take notice. In the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the film won the audience look forward to help schedule more, high attendance also proves that the film strength, finally let "anti-corruption Storm 2" encirclement, Wenzhongqiusheng, succeeded in 3 days after release billion mark by the end of September 17th, gains of $106 million at the box office, sit mid file second place, brisk performance has become a big surprise mid file. "2" anti-corruption storm has become the "three of us are walking together" "2" and "chills" after the Apostle Walker fourth year billions of dollars at the box office of Hongkong gangster film, to keep the Hong Kong Style classic a gilded signboard also let everyone to follow, it’s full of expectation. The real excitement won numerous applause from the fans called "the fate of the protagonist captured the hearts of the people two Cantonese version of" brush "anti-corruption Storm 2" breakthrough billion cannot do without the support and love of the audience. Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, many people have seen the film in the circle of friends, micro-blog and other network platform to express their views on the film, and to more people recommend this sincerity. The film is based on the real social phenomenon, sharp perspective to impress the audience. "Gambling is really terrible, the film is very alarming." "I can’t think of Hongkong gambling so much, the people who come to see the movie, fast hand." Hongkong people dare to shoot, powerful!" For story and action, everyone.相关的主题文章: