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2016 orange lantern art Festival Mid Autumn Festival opening a stunning debut that the Sohu "tourism riguan flowers night Shangding, month orange reunion", the highly anticipated · million lights; 2016 orange lantern art festival "in the opening ceremony last night! Orange blossom everywhere scenic glass a resplendent with variegated coloration splendor, bright Nebula lighting up half the night sky. Last night, Changsha tens of thousands of people came to the Orange Isle, witnessed a wheel diameter of 8 meters of the super moon light curtain! According to organizers, because of the weather, to avoid the world’s strongest typhoon "Meranti", so "super moon" is temporarily unable to launch, such as typhoon, No. 18 after the moon will shine off from the Orange Island Beach park. Super moon and sky moon bimonthly matched, the public garden scene repeatedly exclaimed "once in a hundred years!" A large number of foreign friends come here, his face filled with unbelievable appearance, charm of traditional culture Chinese influence to the whole world. Nearly at the flower art and landscape lighting art attractions, a debut on the stunning city, Rao is seen around the reporter also call too beautiful! Is the highest voice and dynamic "Star Moon" dream light show, I saw a million lights suddenly lit up, a time such as changing a million freely flowing style of writing, wonderful brilliance, the scene of many couples see nowadays moved to embrace each other, and even cried. Field staff revealed that the dream light show every night to open 2 hours a day, only the edge talent to see, so very precious. The moon had just climbed up the branches, one million LED star will shine with the beach, park into a fantasy kingdom, "honeysuckle Boulevard", "willow trees", "flourishing"…… 300 thousand pots of flowers flourish, the number of Hunan is rare, Huicheng everywhere a vivid and interesting artistic landscape, such as the mighty "prime Taurus", "quiet girl with crane, gorgeous flowers"…… Fireworks behind the illusion, and numerous! After voting screening, twelve Star City, the most beautiful flower fairies last night appeared together, and mango with goddess talent PK, lantern riddles, lanterns, draw the scene…… Many fans went to the site to see her after a long time can not be calm: "Hunan talented, passionate, more art, marry a wife or girl to marry Hunan!" The entertainment channel, channel of the opening ceremony broadcast live, as well as Guo Biao, Pan Pan, Yan Wei and Li Yuqi to host such excitement. Chairman Mao foot see flowers, lanterns, fireworks, and water goddess, Xiangjiang bimonthly Jiao hui! From the Mid Autumn Festival lasts to the end of October, including the Mid Autumn Festival and the eleven golden autumn holiday, Changsha ushered in a climax International Arts Festival, Changsha people have a good place for fun! Full moon night, but the most beautiful lights of the world. 9.15~10.31, Orange Island, the most beautiful season, Orange Island Beach Park, witnessed the Changsha event.相关的主题文章: