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2016 Simple Life Festival Officially refused to invoice only routine – Sohu entertainment 2016 Simple Life Festival Schedule of Pu Shu attended the simple life 2016 simple life schedule Sohu entertainment news on 4-6 October will be held in Shanghai World Expo Park simple life again yesterday announced the heavy lineup, Rene Liu, Cheer Chen, Sammi Cheng three Chinese Music Days respectively the star boarded the stage, and both of them have extraordinary significance and contents of performance. In addition, Pu Shu and Xu Wei, the famous singer mainland Wolf for three consecutive days in the earth stage finale, show the backbone of the domestic male singer songwriter. At the same time, "share the study" unit list released together, Bai Yansong and Li Shouquan, Jia Zhangke and Lin Qiang, Ouyang and Wang Pingzhong deep, three groups of cross regional, cross domain forum, will touch each other different experience and background, for the audience to bring high perspicacity. In the music sung as part of a shared rock photographer and singer wolf plateau to join, and become a "Red Net", the Shanghai chamber choir with divine rainbow scraper circle of friends also joined the concert and open chat. Simple Life Festival tickets also yesterday formally introduced limited sale. Rene Liu, Cheer Chen, Sammi Cheng assembled Diva Pu Shu sing the earth yesterday, simple life star fans expect much of the stage three "will be released" settled — Rene Liu, Cheer Chen, Sammi Cheng three days after the Chinese music will debut. Rene Liu last year, after singing and saying, this year will bring and sing a different performance of the content, very creative and imaginative, but also did not attempt to design the Rene Liu, the specific information about to open. Has been to the real changing live performances and fans communicate creation of Queen Cheer Chen, from the simple life festival founded the first year in 2014 to participate in the show, she is a The Verse electronic band in the form of special time, this year will be Cheer Chen in Shanghai for the first time the simple life full of concerts, every show is a concept of her it will bring about what kind of wonderful show exciting. The surprise appearance of the Hongkong queen Sammi Cheng, she and the simple life has already become attached. In 2010, Sammi Cheng participated in the Taipei Festival and simple life, soda green, Sherry a listen to songs, hey turn the audience of fans, the simple life for the first time I went to Shanghai, will be the first concert? Has not been published in the new stage. In Chinese singer songwriter "love? Peak" concept unit have Pu Shu to join him in the first year after simple life sing, now once again return to the audience, but also high voice "play art". He and Xu Wei, respectively on the three day the earth wolf stage finale, compared to the star stage after stage will show the charm, the earth men sing extraordinary strength. "Share the study" line-up released depth dialogue music sharing "net red" rainbow Shanghai Chamber Choir in the four stage show surprise debut music experience, "sharing study" and brand creative life exhibition, let the temperament simple life itself "solid". "Sharing study" has invited a number of creative leaders and相关的主题文章: