21 days after the resumption of disaster recovery work in Gulangyu Islet, welcoming visitors-punyu

The Gulangyu Islet disaster recovery work best when the 21 day limit near Xiamen network according to Xinhua news agency, Xiamen September 19th – (reporter Yan Zhihong) 19 reporters from Gulangyu Islet wanshishan Scenic Area Management Committee learned that the Xiamen Gulangyu Islet scenic area post disaster repair work is fully launched, currently set to 21, limiting its doors. According to the Scenic Area Management Committee announced the opening program, September 21st to 30, according to the scenic day does not exceed 10 thousand tourists standard implementation of traffic control, tourists on the island tourism management in accordance with the approved tour; October 1st to October 20th, according to the daily 15 thousand tourists flow standard regulation; from October 21st to October 31st, regulated by day 20 thousand visitors flow standard; in November 1st, according to the normal opening for the repair of post disaster. In addition, the famous Gulangyu Islet scenic attractions riguangyan, Haoyue Park due to serious damage, it is very difficult to recover, still in full repair. Therefore, these spots before October 1st are not available, other key scenic spots in the implementation of tourist guide and shunt on the basis of opening up. To ensure the safety in the scenic area management committee decided to open day during October 31st, sightseeing car battery to suspend operations, since November 1st to resume operation. (end)

鼓浪屿灾后恢复工作全力进行时 21日起限流迎客   厦门网讯 据新华社厦门9月19日专电(记者颜之宏)记者19日从鼓浪屿—万石山景区管委会了解到,厦门鼓浪屿景区灾后修复工作正全力展开,现定于21日起限流迎客。   根据管委会公布的景区开放方案,9月21日至30日,景区按照单日不超过1万名游客的标准实行流量调控,上岛游客按照管理方核准的旅游线路游 览;10月1日至10月20日,按照单日1.5万名游客流量标准进行调控;10月21日至10月31日,按单日2万名游客流量标准进行调控;11月1日 起,根据灾后修复程度争取正常对外开放。   此外,鼓浪屿景区著名景点日光岩、皓月园因损坏严重,恢复难度大,仍在全力抢修。因此,以上景点在10月1日前暂不对外开放,其他核心景点在实行游客引导和分流的基础上对外开放。   为保证安全,管委会决定在景区开放日起至10月31日期间,观光电瓶车暂停营运,11月1日起恢复营运。(完)相关的主题文章: