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Small Business Abf Freight has always been synonymous with the highest standards of quality when it .es to the freight industry. As of 17th September 2009, Abf Freight reached its 25th anniversary as far as its quality processes were concerned. Article Body: The quality processes followed at Abf Freight have been instrumental in propelling the .pany to the success and heights it enjoys today. In fact, the quality processes have been so intrinsic to the .pany"s growth, that they are now a standard part of the .pany"s culture. On 17th September 2009, Abf Freight reached its 25th anniversary in its quality process controls. Versatile Employees The employees working at Abf Freight have been thoroughly trained to not only be detail-oriented but also very versatile as far as job functions go. All service centers of the .pany also undergo routine quality evaluations as well as awareness survey about the overall quality. The quality processes followed at Abf Freight also include validation audit on-site and thorough scrutiny by the special implementation .mittee at the .pany. The process of ensuring quality is thorough and holistic and en.passes various aspects such as evaluation of loss prevention, resource management and customer satisfaction as well as various performance indicators. The highest form of internal recognition, which any service center at Abf Freight can earn, is the Quality Award of the President, which recognizes the best service centers every year. Process As Opposed To Program Unlike many other .panies, which treat their quality initiatives as programs, Abf Freight treats it as a continual process. Through a holistic set of training in specific job skills, quality seminars as well as focus groups, Abf Freight tries to make its quality initiative an overall process. The process at the .pany is focused on preventive endeavors as opposed to inspection at the end of the entire process. Thus, at Abf Freight, the entire emphasis is on identification as well as elimination of problem causes. This method helps to save money and does not entail extra expenses. Corporate Beliefs Abf Freight firmly believes that customers need service, which is free of errors. The service centers of the .pany at all locations have training with thorough approaches, experience and skill of the staff. Right from recruiting the best talent, engaging state of the art equipment as well as transportation tools, the organization is able to prosper year after year because of the intrinsic dedication to serving external as well as internal customers. The organization staff helps customers efficiently, in a helpful manner and without errors. High Class Freight Handling Abf Freight is known for its high quality of freight handling as well as usage of the latest technology. The levels of security and safety employed by the .pany have even been exemplified by magazines of the likes of CIO, InformationWeek, BtoB as well as InfoWorld. The .pany has won the prestigious American Trucking Associations President"s Trophy for the high standards of safety Abf Freight employs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: