300 thousand personal information is illegal to sell these reselling code you know (video) masa-c

300 thousand personal information is illegal to sell these reselling code you know "the egg, a snack egg opened, a folding Jiangsu egg collection together with Dan jiang." This release in a QQ group of information makes people feel puzzled. In fact, this sentence is illegal trafficking of personal information to trade arena argot, its true meaning is: can mobile, telecom positioning, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu Unicom positioning, need to be single. Mobile code is a code word is a snack egg egg, telecom, ID name password for car car stalls…… These are reselling personal information code. Reporters today from Baokang County Public Security Bureau, the Bureau has uncovered a case of infringement of citizens’ personal information company. Xiangyang City, the company’s Business Advisory Center coat, code to do business, by QQ, WeChat buying and reselling personal information of citizens of more than 30, illegal profits more than 18 yuan. At present, the 8 suspects jingfangxingju, has been transferred to the prosecution prosecution. In June this year, Baokang County Public Security Bureau and the Xiangyang Municipal Public Security Bureau network security brigade has received a report, said the Xiangyang Fuerbang business consulting center of sale of personal information of citizens on the Internet, in order to find out the situation, designated by Baokang County Public Security Bureau network security brigade investigation. The police investigation found that the company responsible for the Fuerbang Business Consulting Center registered Zhang man a few years ago, is headquartered in Xiangyang City, in Shiyan, Jingmen, Xi’an also has offices. The marriage business scope enterprise credit investigation, business investigation, debt settlement, rights crackdown and investigation, search for access. Further investigation found that in 2012, Zhang had illegal access to personal information of citizens has been Fancheng police administrative detention for 10 days. After Mopai investigation, the police obtained Zhang through QQ, WeChat 32 people to buy personal information to others, and then sold to the relevant evidence. In June 19th, Zhang was arrested. Subsequently, the police follow it, went to Shandong, Sichuan, Henan and other places, has the Yang, gemou 8 suspects were arrested. Zhang explained that he contacted the purchase of information online and offline channels, there are communications company business hall of acquaintances, there are Yang, Ge (Zhang on the line) and other users. To this end, Zhang added a lot of WeChat group, QQ group, resource sharing and mutual exchange of needed products, trading. In the meantime, Zhang acts as a network of porters, reselling personal information to make the difference. For example: a through the company’s website linked to Zhang, information query and open house records, others such as mobile phone positioning, Zhang received the business after the release of information in the group using the network, or to find the frequent contact Yang, gemou users get a desired information, and then sold to a. According to the type of business and the volume of transactions, the transaction price of information. For example, mobile phone positioning a 300 yuan, 3 times a day 550 yuan, 800 yuan, 1200 yuan package weeks; check bank itemized, ranging from 1200 yuan to 2000 yuan. 1200 yuan can also find open room records…… In order to escape the police investigation, Zhang et al code to do business. "A national egg egg snacks opened, a folding Jiangsu egg collection together with Dan jiang." Police, this is released in a QQ group information, the actual meaning is available, including mobile telecom positioning.相关的主题文章: