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400 yuan to buy a mobile phone in front of the chest suddenly burst into flames, women’s eye injury [Abstract] spent 400 yuan to buy, with two months of "Lingyun M6" mobile phone suddenly caught fire and exploded in Zhejiang Ningbo, a woman’s arm, eyes burned. Spend 400 yuan to buy, with two months of "Lingyun M6" mobile phone suddenly caught fire and exploded in Zhejiang Ningbo, a woman’s arm, eyes burned. "Ms. Dong is in the hospital for the second treatment of ocular trauma, such as the end of the treatment, we will organize parties, dealers and manufacturers of medical expenses and compensation issues for negotiation." On the afternoon of November 7th, the deputy director of the market supervision and Management Office of Tian Zhen Town, Ningbo City, Fenghua, told the surging news. "Ms. Dong was wounded. According to Zhejiang TV station "1818 golden eyes" reported that Ms. Dong and her husband sun master are Sichuan people, working in Fenghua. In August 23rd 7 pm, Ms. Dong went to work the factory door, put on work clothes in a chest pocket mobile phone suddenly burst into flames, burning the pockets, shoulder position, Ms. Dong’s arms, eyes were burned to varying degrees. The first explosion after the fire, mobile phone threw lit is not destroyed, the workers use the fire extinguisher to put out……" Ms. Dong said in the program. The explosion of mobile phone. According to the "1818 golden eye" reported that the explosion and fire is the mobile phone in a mobile phone in June Master Sun Shang Tian Zhen Fenghua stores to spend 400 yuan to buy, the brand of "Lingyun M6", the manufacturer is Shindy Shenzhen constant communication technology company. The company in East China a manager surnamed Li told the "1818 golden eye" said in an interview: "consumers charging voltage instability, or Chongshuai caused by copper contact short circuit are possible reasons why is the quality problem or the consumer operations need to be identified. The emergence of such accidents, manufacturers attitude is consumers first treatment, the manufacturers bear the cost of a lot will bear." According to the deputy director of the Municipal Supervision Office of Tian Tian Town, Ms. Dong has been hospitalized once before, but the result is not satisfactory. They organized the three party consultation, but the amount of compensation has not been determined, but the mobile phone stores charge has paid 12000 yuan for medical expenses, manufacturers are very complex, said after the end of treatment and follow-up treatment. It is understood that the current mobile phone exploded on Sun master hands, and Shang Tian Zhen the mobile phone store has been selling the same type of mobile phone, mobile phone number with the identification of supervision departments to. Surging news on the afternoon of 7 repeatedly dial Shenzhen Shindy constant communication technology company’s official website of the phone and service hotline, no answer. (surging News)

400元买的手机突然在胸前爆炸起火,女子眼睛受伤 [摘要]花400元购买、用了两个月的“聆韵M6”手机突然起火爆炸,浙江宁波一位女工的手臂、双眼被烧伤。花400元购买、用了两个月的“聆韵M6”手机突然起火爆炸,浙江宁波一位女工的手臂、双眼被烧伤。“董女士正在医院对眼伤进行第二次治疗,等治疗结束,我们会组织当事人、经销商和厂家协商医药费承担以及赔偿问题。”11月7日下午,宁波奉化市尚田镇市场监督管理所陈副所长告诉澎湃新闻。▲被炸伤的董女士。据浙江电视台《1818黄金眼》报道,董女士和丈夫孙师傅都是四川人,在奉化打工。8月23日7时许,去上班的董女士走到厂区门口时,放在工作服胸部口袋中的手机突然爆炸起火,衣服口袋、肩膀位置烧着,董女士的胳膊、双眼被不同程度烧伤。“先爆炸后起火,手机扔到地上火还没灭,工友用灭火器才灭掉……”董女士在节目中称。▲发生爆炸的手机。据《1818黄金眼》报道,爆炸起火的手机是孙师傅6月在奉化尚田镇一家手机卖场花400元买的,品牌为“聆韵M6”,生产厂家是深圳新迪恒通讯科技公司。该公司华东区一名李姓经理在接受《1818黄金眼》采访时表示:“消费者充电时电压不稳,或重摔后造成铜片接触短路等都是可能的原因,到底是质量问题还是消费者操作的原因需要鉴定。出现这样的意外,厂家的态度是消费者先治疗,该厂家承担的费用一分不少会承担。”据尚田镇市监所陈副所长介绍,董女士之前已住院治疗过一次,但效果不佳。他们组织过三方协商,但赔偿数额没有确定,不过手机卖场负责人已垫付12000多元的医药费,厂家也很配合,表示等治疗结束后再进行后续处理。据了解,爆炸起火的手机目前在孙师傅手中,而尚田镇这家手机卖场已停售该款手机,市监部门未能进行同型同批手机鉴定。澎湃新闻7日下午多次拨打深圳新迪恒通讯科技公司官网显示的电话及服务热线,均无人接听。(澎湃新闻)相关的主题文章: