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Landscaping-Gardening Scentsy is a wickless candle company specializing in electric candle warmers. The company was founded in 2004 by two stay at home moms who were looking for a safe alternative to flamed candles. The company was purchased by an entrepreneur from Boise, Idaho that same year. Orville Thompson saw the vision of having a safe, effective candle in the $2 billion candle market. Scentsy has been a front runner in the candle industry ever since and has many companies on its coattails trying to catch up. Scentsy is on target to hit $400 million in sales by the end of 2010. It was also just named the 19th fastest growing company in the US by INC 500 magazine. What are some reasons this product and company has flourished in a downturn economy? First of all, Orville took the simple idea of a ceramic pot that melted wax with a low wattage light bulb to a new level. The company came out with many high quality styles to accent any home dcor. Superb craftsmanship and quality are very important to this company. Scentsy also made sure their wax bars were unique and authentic, choosing a unique clamshell packaging and 80+ scents to choose from. This intense focus on quality put their product in the forefront of the candle industry. The next step that helped move this company forward, were getting great consultants to join the company. Rville decided to market the products in a direct selling, party plan system, so that they could be experienced inside the home. He knew that if the consumer was able to smell and experience the product for themselves, they would buy it. This selling medium proved to be the icing on the cake. Direct selling provided the perfect way to share the product and motivated consultants were excited to own their own Candle Business . Hard work equaled more pay and more opportunity. Selling Scentsy is so easy because it is the perfect product to meet a need. 80% of the US use candles in their home. These consumers are looking for something safe. Once they find Scentsy, they fall in love. Another reason it is an easy product to sell, is it is consumable. Of course, once a customer runs out of Scentsy bars, they are going to come back for more. This allows a consultant to build a great customer base. What really keeps them coming back? It is the product! When you experience this product for the first time you are truly amazed. These ceramic pots with one or two cubes of Scentsy wax, will scent your home better then anything you have ever tried. A big reason this product works so well is the candle warmer only release scent into the air, no smoke, soot or lead. So all you smell is the lovely fragrance. Lastly, Scentsy is easy to sell because your market base is unlimited. Men, women, and children love scents! There are no age barriers with this product! You can sell to the teenagers who need something to cover up the locker smell in their room, the moms who want their home to smell like fresh baked cookies, and the man who wants to cover up the dog smell. Everyone loves their home, office and car to smell good. Scentsy can scent every room and the car (we also sell car fresheners). Whether it is for the home, a business, or school, this is a safe product that can be used anywhere. When considering a home based business, you should consider becoming a Scentsy Consultant. The product is affordable and effective, sought after by consumers, and your customer base is unlimited! You cannot ask for a more perfect business to be a part of. If you are interested in the Scentsy business opportunity or would like to view the product, please visit my website: . This article is written by Lisa Murdock Independent Scentsy Consultant About the Author: 相关的主题文章: