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Business When we think about the importance of SEO when you build a website, this is even more important than the website itself. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, so therefore; the website needs to be optimized as well, to trigger the search engines, so to speak. Part of SEO is using keywords or content appropriately so that your website is found. Let’s say that you sell things on your website and you add them to shopping carts. A good description, using the title of the item that you are selling would help search engines to find your website. Maybe you sell robot cars on your site. You would write a short description about robot cars and use those keywords in the very beginning of the description and at the end. If it is a short description, use the keywords once or twice, but if it is longer, you can add the keywords one more time. By using the keywords, you are telling search engines about your site, without even realizing it. People may be searching for the exact keywords you use on the site. Another importance with SEO when you build a website is the images. A lot of sites allow you to name the images that are posted there, but you want to name the images the exact title of the item, which goes along with the keywords in descriptions of such images. Maybe you are familiar with Meta tags. These are just like keywords. These should be short, but sweet keywords. This is another way for search engines to find your site, and list you higher on that list when people search for certain things. If the website is a blog, SEO is still very important and how you write the blog will affect search engine results. A good way to practice writing content and using keywords properly is to sign up at a free blog site that allows you to monetize ads into the web pages. When the keywords are typed properly, the ads on the pages should match the keywords that are used. With a blog, you will write more than you would with an image or product description, and the wording is a bit different. This time, you will write the keyword or keywords in the very first sentence, again in the middle, and in the last sentence you write. Many people choose to pay for SEO as they realize the importance of it when you build a website, and it is a lot easier to pay someone to do the work, and it saves a lot of time. Copyright (c) 2009 Ianson Internet Marketing About the Author: 相关的主题文章: