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UnCategorized Actually the reverse mortgage loan is planned just for these cases and for these seniors, but it is still only an one good source of money. The usage of the reverse mortgage loan is always a very serious action. The reverse loan uses the equity, which the family has saved through many years. It will also naturally decrease the amount of the heritage. 1. Do I Have To Pay Away The Usual Mortgage? Yes, says the law. The target is that a senior will have only one mortgage, in this case the reverse mortgage loan. So if he has the usual mortgage left, he can pay that away with the reverse mortgage. This will not decrease the loan amount, because now he will not do the mortgage back payments every month. 2. Can I Take My Spouse With Me? Most seniors have their spouses with, when they plan the reverse loan. But both the spouse and the husband must fulfil the loan requirements, i.e. to be at least 62 and owners of the home. Actually altogether three persons can be borrowers and owners and in this case they all must fulfil the qualifications. Actually the group of three can be wise, because the whole group is responsible about the property and about the loan. If one of them will go to the nursing home, the rest will take care of the property and there will not be a must to sell it. The loan will be closed, when the last owner or borrower, will die, sell the home or move permanently away. 3. Who Will Own My Home? The reverse mortgage will behave like the usual mortgage. It is always taken against the equity of the home and the ownership will not change. So the lender cannot take the home, not even in the case, when the borrower cannot pay the loan back. 4. Who Can Qualify? When the U.S.Government planned this product especially for the seniors, the idea was that as many as possible can qualify. The qualification terms are simple. A senior must be at least age 62 and own a home, where he has equity left. Practically all home types are accepted. Altogether three owners and borrowers are accepted. 5. Is This Dangerous? No, a senior reverse mortgage loan is safe to take, when a senior will get proper guidance and will use only the recommended lenders, which have good reputations. This is a loan type, which really require counseling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: