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SEO If you are new to internet marketing youve probably come across the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization, without having any idea what it is. What is SEO? SEO is a traffic strategy that will help your website achieve a higher ranking in search engines (Google,Yahoo,Bingetc.) for keywords that people are searching for. Why do SEO? -The number one benefit of all, is the tremendous amount of targeted FREE traffic. -This traffic is ongoing. Which means once you get your site ranked as one of the top 3 search results you will have traffic on autopilot. -Leads and customers are coming in on autopilot. (A customer is someone who buys any product listed on your website. A lead is a person who is interested in joining your business opportunity or a subscriber to your newsletteretc. (A lead gives away their contact information to you to keep them updated and informed.) -Risk Free. Doesnt cost you anything other than time. Natural (organic) Search Results vs Paid Advertising (Google Adwords) By implementing SEO your goal is to rank your website high in the natural (organic) search results. (Results in the blue bracket.) Paid advertising (results in red bracket) also known as PayPer Click (aka Google Adwords if you advertise using Google) cost money. They have nothing to do with what we are trying to do here with our SEO strategy. SEO pic 3 Generally speaking people tend to trust the organic search results on the left side rather then the sponsored links on the right. The picture on the left shows results from an eyetracking study on Google search results from Enquiro. The authors tested 50 people each performing 5 different search tasks. Areas colored red are where people focused most of their attention. The colors change to indicate decreasing areas of visual focus of the participants. Comparing PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO Strategies: While PPC costs money (anywhere from $0.05 to $10.00) and your competitors can knock you off by paying more, with SEO you only spending your time. (As far as PPC goes, until you know what you are doing, I advise you to stay away from it. Advertising with Google Adwords is an art.) Once your site has established high rankings in the engines, its going to be difficult for your competition to take over your position. They have to learn the same SEO principles and implement it more effectively then you did. Besides, you will be getting much more traffic than through PPC. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: