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Internet-and-Business-Online There are a bunch of companies on the Internet that will allow you to fill out a short application and INSTANTLY become their affiliate. These companies provide the products for you to sell, give you websites and marketing tools to sell them with, follow-up with any prospects you send their way, close the sale, ship the products, handle customer service and complaints, and do virtually all the stuff you would have to do if you were selling your own products. Then whenever someone you send to that company buys something, you get paid a commission for it. It’s a win-win situation. The company is looking for more people to promote their products and they only pay a commission when an actual sale is generated. As an affiliate, you don’t have all the burden of providing the product or service, following-up, closing the sale, handling customer satisfaction issues, dealing with "problem people", etc. You just get people to the company’s website and the company takes care of all that for you. So being an affiliate is really a mindset thing. Would you rather run a company that is responsible for providing the product or service, starting relationships with prospects, following up relentlessly to close the sale, shipping the product, handling returns, dealing with all the customer service issues including people who are only want to give you a hard time… Hey, a lot of people love doing those things and that’s great. We need those kind of people and I’m deeply thankful for them myself. Or would you rather simply focus on bringing prospects to the table and letting the company do all the "dirty" work for you? This is the choice of an affiliate. The amazing thing about affiliate marketing is that you can often earn a lions share of the profit. Yes, many companies are willing to pay you more than they earn themselves for making a sale. When someone visits your site, clicks the Host Then Profit banner and signs up, you will receive a $100 bonus for every 5 customers that sign up and pay only $9.97 in a 7 day period. That’s $100 paid directly to you on less than $50 in sales! This is just a bonus from the company. You also get paid regular commissions and residual income from every referral. The company of GVO (Host Then Profit) is doing all the hard work and you are getting paid more than they initially receive. That’s because GVO knows the lifetime value of a customer and has confidence that the customers they get will be around for a long, long time! That only happens because the company is the best there is. That’s why affiliate marketing (when done intelligently) is the BEST way to make money online. Sure, a lot programs on the Internet don’t pay anywhere near what Host Then Profit pays, but there are are some that do. In fact, that’s what the whole Plug-In Profit Site system is about – connecting you to a handful of proven affiliate programs that pay out HUGE commissions. And that’s a BIG secret right there. There are THOUSANDS of affiliate programs on the Internet. But the fact is you could put the exact same energy into one program as you do another and earn 100 times more. You MUST choose the RIGHT programs if you’re going to succeed in affiliate marketing. I’ve seen so many people fail in this business simply because they joined the WRONG program(s). They put their heart and soul into promoting it, but it never produced big profits for them. These people leave the Internet thinking that affiliate marketing is a scam, but the truth is often that they just joined the wrong programs. If they would have put the same energy into another affiliate program (one that actually converts prospects into customers and pays YOU the Lion’s Share of the profits), they would have succeeded. So think about that as you continue your journey of learning about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be the easiest and the best way to make money online because you can get started INSTANTLY (even if you have no products of your own or prior experience) and the company handles all the "dirty" work for you. But affiliate marketing can really only be the easiest and best way to make money online IF you choose the RIGHT programs and products to promote. I’ve been doing this since I started online and have tested hundreds of the most popular affiliate programs. Whenever you do something long enough, the cream always rises to the top. Out of the hundreds of programs I’ve tried, there are only 5 that consistently produce the most profits for the least amount of effort for me. If you want to avoid joining the WRONG programs and get on the fast-track to affiliate marketing success, I encourage you to visit my site and get started right away About the Author: 相关的主题文章: