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Communications Ask anyone who works in a sales-based environment and they will tell you that the more contacts made, the more sales result. A modern business tool for generating contacts is the 0800 numbers facility. 0800 numbers work by providing a single number for the public to contact, which is then relayed to a telephone of the companys choice for follow-up. The numbers are supervised and directed by a provider, rather than the sales company itself. These numbers are sometimes called non-geographical numbers, as the prefix (0800) is not linked to a specific area. This means that a customer can call 0800 telephone numbers, anywhere in the country and reach the sales company, wherever that is. From a contact-generating point of view 0800 telephone numbers are acknowledged as an excellent business tool. It is estimated, by a number of reliable statistical sources, that the use of a 0800 number can increase initial contacts by 40 50%. Any sales person knows the approximate rate of conversion for their product that is the percentage of contacts which can be turned into actual sales. If the contacts are in the form of speaking to a potential customer, the percentage is increased. If the use of 0800 telephone numbers raises the number of potential customers spoken to, the percentage is obviously enhanced. The buying public like a 0800 number for a very good reason they are free to the caller. Such a number, included in the advertising or promotional information for a company, will encourage the customer to ring and find out more about the product. As well as the lack of cost, the public has an image of a 0800 number being attached to a large company. It is widely believed that only a bigger company will encourage their customers by paying for the contact calls. Communications experts consider the 0800 numbers are recognised and trusted by the public. This increased public confidence in the company and its products is more likely to produce initial contacts. Then the sales department can work on their conversions. A 0800 number is, therefore, an ideal tool for the generation of a mass response, when included in advertising or promotions. The sales company does not have to allocate extra staff to handle the calls, as the service provider will do that. In the event that the response is massive, call centres can be used. In this way, all callers will get a rapid response to their call rather than an engaged signal or answerphone. They are also a good way of the company to check on the response to specific advertisements or in various regions. Different 0800 numbers can be allocated to each advertisement or campaign and the response results logged. Most number providers have a logging service as part of their package. There is a cost to the company for this service. The receiver pays for the calls received, usually on a timed basis, at an agreed rate. It is probable that, viewed as part of an advertising budget, the cost of 0800 numbers to the advertiser is very cost effective way to increase contacts and sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: