the phone also responds rapidly to being turned on its side. The screen shuts off when the phone is held up to your ear 疑婚闹伴娘被猥亵 给重病女儿挖坟

Computers-and-Technology Samsung’s new Epic 4G is an amazing touchscreen phone with slide out keyboard that can access the 4G network, the fastest mobile Internet service currently available. The Epic 4G also features a 1GHz processor speed and an LED flash for its 5-pixel camera. With all these great features to the Epic 4G, no wonder why people consider this the best out of Samsung’s Galaxy S series. The overall look of the phone is very sleek, featuring smooth corners, a glossy black exterior, and a minimalist appearance that does not get overcrowded. The touchscreen offers an amazing viewing experience with a high contrast display and sixteen million colors, and best of all, the ability to be used effectively in the sunlight. With such a beautiful looking touchscreen, you’d want to keep it looking new. This is why screen protectors are a must in order to protect the amazing high definition screen. It will protect the screen from any unwanted scratches and damages. Cases are also recommended in order to protect the phone from damage as a result of dropping or any other accidents. The phone responds much faster than others in its class as a result of its high processor speed. Not only do applications open as soon as you touch their icon, the phone also responds rapidly to being turned on its side. The screen shuts off when the phone is held up to your ear, and both virtual and physical keyboards are available. The slide out keyboard is a bit larger and easier to use than most phone keyboard, giving you four rows of keys, opposed to the usual three. It also offers some buttons that perform the same operations as the touchscreen buttons, making it even more usable. Using an updated version of Samsung’s TouchWiz and Google’s Android 2.1 platform, the phone’s interface is very user friendly. A new application includes updates for Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Another gives you a shortcut to call your closest friends. The top of the screen gives you notifications, as well as access to your wireless settings and your profile information. The bottom of the screen is filled with a bar that lists applications, contacts, messaging, and dialing. When you push this bar it takes you to a list of all your programs which can be scrolled through sideways by sliding your finger over the screen. Although the phone does feature the fastest mobile connection, that’s not all the Epic 4G can do. It can also act as a wireless hot spot, allowing you to connect five other devices to the Internet wirelessly. As you would expect, the phone offers conference calling, speakerphone, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, text and multimedia messaging, and a visual voice mail system. A social hub feature lets you pull all your contacts from your email and social networking sites and add them to your phone. The phone also features a five megapixel camera with a powerful LED light that allows you to record pictures and video in full HD. Of course, you would want to make the most out of your phone, so you’d might want to purchase some accessories, which include Bluetooth headsets, earphones, and a mobile entertainment system for a great audio experience. Car chargers are great for charging on the go without having to worry about whether or not the phone was charged in the home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: