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Structured-Settlements There are many reasons that people seek lump sum payments, for immediate needs or long term goals. One way to get instant cash is to borrow against your pension for a pension lump sum. Early retirement buyouts are one option for those wondering, Can I sell my pension for cash? Other questions for making a cash for pension decision might be, Am I paying over 28% on credit card or other loan interests? Can I sell my pension to reduce my debt and protect my future? Could cash for pension be a wise investment for a business opportunity? You may also be wondering, Do my retirement benefits qualify to sell my pension? Pension lump sum options can include a company pension, any state or federal government pension, military, police, and fire pension, and teacher pension. Pension lump sum payments can be structured to fit broader and more flexible legacy planning pension loan options. You can roll your pension lump sum to IRAs, and name beneficiaries for any remaining proceeds. This way, your cash for pension doesnt neglect future generations. One of the main reasons that people choose a pension lump sum is for emergency needs, such as a medical illness. You may think I need to sell my pension for investments, house payments, or other important needs. Whether you have a specific amount of fast cash for immediate needs or seek a lump sum payout, choices for getting cash for pension are considerable. A question you may have is, how much will I get if I sell my pension? Cash for pension has pros and cons, so there are considerations if you are considering a pension lump sum. A pension lump sum structured settlement payout means you will receive less money because of loss of interest on what you would have received over time. Some cash for pension options allow you to get cash for a few months worth of payments so that you have options such as putting a down payment on a house or car. A pension lump sum may require you to pay taxes on some or all of the money, so that is worth checking with your funding source. Converting your pension into annuity loans, meaning you would receive cash for pension on an annual rather than monthly basis, is also an option. Understanding the legal and financial realities when considering cash for pension or a pension lump sum is the first important step to take. About the Author: About Author: Cash Flow Investment Partners (CFIP) brings you the best of structured settlements, annuities, lump sum settlements and much more. Potential customers fill out a simple evaluation form and we do all the paperwork required to get them cash for their annuity, a lump sum pension payment, or a lump sum payout in exchange for lottery payments. 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