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Personal-Finance College is one of the most exciting and memorable phases of life for most of us. Responsibilities are few except to sustain life within the limited resources at hand, especially if you are pursuing your studies away from home. While at school, or maybe even just after you graduate, money management can be very challenging. Your budget may be tight, leaving you little room to be extravagant with your spending. Looking for the tiniest of ways to save money is crucial to avoid debt problems in the future. Here are a few tips for staying on top of your financies: Stop impulsive purchases . Before you buy anything, ensure it is truly necessary. Do not get into the habit of buying things just because your friends do. Keep credit card spending at bay . When you know that there is a planned outing with friends, just carry enough cash to cover your share. Do not carry your credit card around when you know you might succumb to the temptations of shopping. Find bargains for your school supplies . When you shop for books and other things you need for school, try to buy them used or look for bargains in second-hand shops. You may even borrow books from other students. If you can find a bargain every time you go to the store, you will save more than you can imagine. Try to share as much as possible . If you have chosen to live off campus, try to share accommodations with a group of friends instead of renting your own place. Always try to borrow books or other supplies that are only needed for a short time. Finding ways to share transportation can also help you save on the cost of gas. Cut out bad habits . Some of us may be addicted to coffee or cigarettes. Even indulging in too much snacking or making too many trips to the frozen yogurt shop can be dangerous to your budget. Avoid all of them; you will be helping your finances and your waist line too! Plan your holidays . During semester breaks or vacations, try to hang out with a group of friends. Spending hours at a library, getting involved in athletics or visiting art museums can help you save money on those Im bored so Im going shopping trips you might otherwise take. Save all your receipts . Collect all your receipts and keep track of unnecessary expenditures. This will also help you with your future budget. Try getting a part time job . Bringing extra money into your life never hurts. You can appreciate the value of money only after you begin earning it yourself. If you can also take some of the burden off your parents, then why not? There is a well known saying, Old habits die hard. Make saving money a habit. It is the first step to your own debt management solution . If you have not attempted to save all along, dont worry, its never too late to start! 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