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Quit-Smoking Most people don’t think they can run 5 miles without stopping. They think that their legs and lungs wouldn’t hold up and so they would not even attempt to run. I am a distance runner and as I have heard from so many running coaches "distance running is 90% mental, only 10% physical." Almost everyone can run 5 miles if they try. The human body is truly amazing, resilient and strong, and for most people it is simply that mental block of "I can’t" that stops so many people from even trying. Quitting smoking is the same way, 90% mental. Most people don’t think they can stop smoking and so they don’t even try. They are afraid they won’t be able to survive the day and deal with stressful events without cigarettes. It is this lack of confidence in themselves that prevents people from even attempting to quit smoking. Most smokers don’t believe they can do it, just like most people don’t believe they can run 5 miles. Here is the truth. If you are a smoker and you were lost on a desert island without cigarettes, you would be perfectly fine. Yes, there would be some discomfort for a short while because of nicotine withdrawal, but the physical difficulties are a small part of the problem. To quit, you must believe that you will be perfectly capable in surviving the day and facing challenges without cigarettes. Here is a great example from personal experience. During Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, candidates are not allowed coffee or cigarettes. For me, the caffeine withdrawal headaches were awful for the first couple of days, but they went away. There were candidates there that were pack-a-day smokers right up until the first day of OCS. They survived. But not only did they survive, they put their bodies through some of the most strenuous training in the most challenging conditions any human could face. And the only reason they were able to do any of it was they believed they could. Luckily most everyone will not have to wake up tomorrow to face OCS conditions. But this example is to show everyone that they can survive tomorrow without a cigarette. Believe you can and you are 90% there. About the Author: Matthew Bucklin is the creator of the natural stop smoking aid Quit Tea and President of Quit Tea LLC, website . As an expert in smoking cessation and health, he helps people finally quit smoking and return to health. Bucklin worked for years as a pharmaceuticals analyst. He believes that drugs are the last option and good health comes from a healthy lifestyle and sometimes a little help from natural remedies. Learn more on The Quit Tea Blog Article Published On: – Quit-Smoking 相关的主题文章: