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Recall the power line, was at the beginning of the new year Apple patent prosecution troubled Beijing daily news (reporter Qian Yu Shi Feiyue) at the beginning of this year, Apple has been in trouble. Due to design flaws, the day before Apple announced the USB-C power line in April last year -6 month 8 days between the delivery of global recall. Meanwhile, Immersion, a haptic technology innovation company, sued apple for patent problems. Apple said, this batch of power line announced the recall is 12 inches Retina Macbook supporting the sale, can also be purchased separately through apple retail stores, but due to design flaws, this batch of power line may fail without warning. When the user connects the affected power line with the power adapter, the Macbook may not charge or intermittently charge. Although the company has corrected this error, but from a few months ago began selling power line after revision, but before the purchase of MacBook users will still be affected by this. If the user registration MacBook submitted their mailing address, you will receive a new power line at the end of the month, other users can through a genius or an Apple authorized service provider to replace the power line, or contact Apple customer service. In fact, apple recalls products are not uncommon. Last September, apple Chinese recall some of the iPhone 6 Plus camera, said problems and will replace the rear camera; in January this year, apple in its official website issued an AC power plug converter replacement program, recall the power plug there may be a risk of leakage. In addition to product problems, Apple has recently fallen into patent cases. Haptic technology innovation of Immersion company recently issued a notice on the official website, Apple announced the indictment of telecom operators and AT& T, the reason is Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch infringed three patents owned by the company has: pre storage mode of tactile feedback system, method and apparatus for providing tactile perception and sharing interactive mode feedback on mobile devices. It is understood that Apple began to use the Taptic Engine linear vibration motor on the Apple Watch. Compared with the traditional linear motor with eccentric rotor and vibration motor, Taptic Engine, Watch iPhone and Apple for Macbook users to provide more real vibration and soft feedback. As a star enterprise in the consumer electronics industry, Apple has been troubled by patent problems more than once. Earlier this month, Apple has just been sentenced to VirnetX for $625 million, because the court found that Apple uses VPN technology, FaceTime and iMessage services infringe VirnetX patents.

召回电源线、遭专利起诉 新年伊始苹果麻烦不断   北京商报讯(记者 钱瑜 石飞月)新年伊始,苹果就已经麻烦缠身。由于存在设计缺陷,日前苹果宣布将针对去年4月-6月8日之间发货的USB-C电源线展开全球召回。同时,触觉技术创新公司Immersion也因为专利问题起诉苹果。   苹果表示,宣布召回的这批电源线是与12英寸Retina Macbook配套出售的,也可以通过苹果零售店单独购买,但由于存在设计缺陷,这批电源线可能会在没有警告的情况下失效。当用户把受影响的电源线与电源适配器相连时,Macbook可能不会充电或者间歇性充电。   虽然该公司已经纠正了这一错误,而且从几个月前就开始出售经过改版的电源线,但之前购买MacBook的用户仍然会受此影响。如果用户注册MacBook时提交了自己的邮寄地址,便会在本月底收到新的电源线,其他用户则可以通过天才吧或苹果授权服务提供商更换电源线,或者联系苹果客服。   其实,苹果召回问题产品并不罕见。去年9月,苹果中国召回部分iPhone 6 Plus,称摄像头存在问题并将免费更换后置摄像头;今年1月,苹果在其官网发出交流电源插头转换器更换计划,召回部分可能存在漏电风险的电源插头。   除了产品问题,苹果最近还陷入了专利案件中。触觉技术创新公司Immersion近日在官网上发出公告,宣布起诉苹果和电信运营商 AT&T,原因是苹果的 iPhone 6 Plus、iPhone 6S Plus和 Apple Watch 侵犯了该公司拥有的三项专利:拥有预存储模式的触觉反馈系统、提供触觉感知的方法和设备以及在移动设备上共享反馈的交互模式。   据了解,苹果最早开始在Apple Watch上使用 Taptic Engine 线性震动马达。相比传统的偏心转子马达和线性震动马达,Taptic Engine能够为Apple Watch、iPhone和Macbook的用户提供更加真实、柔和的振动反馈。作为消费电子产业中的明星企业,苹果已经不止一次因专利问题陷入麻烦。本月初,苹果刚被判决向VirnetX赔偿6.25亿美元,原因是法院认为苹果使用的VPN技术、FaceTime和iMessage服务均侵犯了VirnetX的专利。相关的主题文章: