The utility only bears the child’s special purchases for the Spring Festival New Year gift gift _ Si 一世枭雄后传

| bear children under practical special purchases for the Spring Festival New Year gift gift _ Sina fashion

special purchases for the Spring Festival _ lead: home new year, you will encounter a kind of biological like this: they destroy model toys to you, eat your prized delicacy, grab your mobile phone computer, have a strong fighting force and free time, they is the bear children. Don’t scream, teach you a trick: choose a good gift, attracting their attention, become the high popularity of the king of the children! Children’s microscope curiosity is their nature, endless exploration of nature, from observing ants to find the difference between each leaf, the children are always found. Send them the children’s microscope, let them enter the psychedelic world under the microscope, closer to nature. Luminous projection Sketchpad white wall finally saved, with this projection Sketchpad, in the cultivation of children’s interest in painting at the same time, but also enhance the interest of painting. The children painted music emit Sketchpad, let the kids can enjoy their works to "put" into the wall, with 6 brushes, 3 canvas (reusable), 4 AA batteries, 20 times magnification, this projection effect so awesome, is another kind of wonderful feeling. Tictop 3D stereo pen pen 3D pen can be written on any surface, and even can directly paint in the air, without the use of computer or computer software support. Just plug in, wait a minute, and start writing wonderfully. It is based on 3D printing, extrusion of hot melt plastic, and then rapidly cooling in the air, and finally solidified into a stable state. With just a few hours of practice, you’ll be able to paint amazing colors. This curious love piano house is a powerful gift containing Japanese invention, when kids ask so sound is how come, you can send this Ta. Small body big role, play a song anytime, anywhere, cultivate their interest in music. So creative gifts, enough kids to go to school to show off! ~ Sphero BB-8 Star Wars super sprouting machine Amazon shelves Sphero BB-8, instantly became the multinational Amazon science and technology toys sales first! The movement of Sphero BB-8 is quite reductive, quite energetic, it really can roll, and the head above is still fixed during the rolling process! Sphero BB-8 comes with a speaker that can give a perfectly sound effect in the movie, and also play holographic images, of course, with VR technology in its own applications, through the camera to see the image it plays. When you do not operate it for a long time, its head will start to rotate four times, just like waiting for instructions. In addition, it will nod, shake your head, and give you a sense of humanity. If the bear child receives such a high-tech robot, there is still room for trouble! Playmation interactive superhero toy interactive superhero toy Playmation combines motion sensors and wearable technology, with the Avengers alliance as its theme, containing a glove and four smart games.

实用年货 | 镇住熊孩子的新年礼物|年货|礼物_新浪时尚_新浪网   导语:过年回家,你一定会碰到这样的一类生物:他们破坏你的模型玩具,吃掉你珍藏的美食,抢占你的手机电脑,有极强的战斗力和空闲时间,他们就是——熊孩子。不要再哀嚎了,教你一招:选份好礼物,有效吸引他们注意力,成为高人气孩子王!   儿童显微镜 好奇是他们的天性   对大自然的探索永远无止境,从观察蚂蚁到发现每一片树叶的不同,小朋友永远都在发现。送他们这款儿童显微镜,让他们进入显微镜下的迷幻世界,离大自然更亲近。   发光投射画板 白墙终于被拯救   有了这款投射画板,在培养孩子画画兴趣的同时,还能增强画画的趣味性。这款绘儿乐发光投射画板,让熊孩子们可以尽情的把自己的作品“放”到墙上了,自带6只画笔,3张画布(可反复使用),4节AA电池供电,20倍放大,这投影出的效果如此给力,又是另一种 美妙的感觉。   Tictop 3D立体打印笔   3D笔可以在任何表面‘书写’,甚至可以直接在空气中作画,无需电脑或电脑软件支持。只要插上电,等一等就可以开始奇妙创作。它基于3d打印,挤出热融的塑料, 然后在空气中迅速冷却,最后固化成稳定的状态。只要几个小时的练习,你便能够描画出惊人的绚烂。   手卷钢琴 新奇玩物爱不释手   这款礼物又是收纳强大的日本人发明的,当小朋友问那么好听的声音是怎么来的,就可以送Ta这个啦。小身材大作用,随时随地弹一曲,培养他们的音乐兴趣。这么创意的礼物够小屁孩们去学校炫耀一把啦~   Sphero BB-8 星球大战超萌机器   亚马逊上架Sphero BB-8以后,瞬间成为多国亚马逊科技玩具类销量第一!Sphero BB-8的移动方式相当还原,相当高能,它真的可以滚动,而且在滚动过程中上面的那个脑袋仍是固定的!Sphero BB-8 自带扬声器,可以发出和电影里完全一致的音效;并且也可以播放全息影像,当然是结合VR技术在自带应用通过摄像头“看到”它播放的影像了。当你长时间不操作它,它的脑袋会开始四下转动,就好像在等待指令一样。另外它也会点头摇头,给你一种人性化的感觉。熊孩子要是收到这么一台高科技机器人,那还有空给你捣乱!   Playmation 互动式超级英雄玩具 互动式超级英雄玩具   Playmation结合了运动传感器和可穿戴技术,以复仇者联盟为主题,内含一只手套和四个智能玩具。手套与钢铁侠电影中所展示的手套外形相似,孩子与成人均可配戴,通过佩戴玩具手套,孩子们可以与超级英雄公仔或是好友互动,共同经历这些只有在电影里才会发生的超级英雄的故事。   Hello Barbie 陪你聊天的芭比 聊天芭比   芭比系列推出的新产品可不再只是新款服饰。这个售价75美元的Hello Barbie突破了芭比娃娃的传统形式,让孩子可以与手中的小人展开对话。Hello Barbie内部配备了WiFi信号接收线,因此可以连线互联网,当孩子对她说话的时候,Hello Barbie会识别声音内容然后通过网络搜索最恰当的回复随后像真人一样给予应答。   Infento 组装自行车   Infento是全球首款专为小朋友而设并可建筑的代步工具,其最大特点是购买回来只是一堆组件,所以家长及小朋友都必需亲身自己组装,而且不同型号更可砌出各种不同形态,相当多元化。而根据不同年龄的小朋友,厂方更特别推出了Junior、Creator及Master Creator 三个不同版本,虽然每个版本的组装难度会有所不同,但好处是只需用简单的工具便可砌成,所以并不会对小朋友构成危险。相关的主题文章: