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Gansu: "the provincial level health workers" training than skills – Gansu Channel – October 23 Lanzhou Xinhua (Mou Jian) 22 morning, Gansu Province health training and Skills Contest Finals held in Lanzhou provincial complex. Gansu provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Li attended and announced the opening of the contest. The 14 teams will be through a comprehensive written examination, operation skills, knowledge contest and other forms of personal health, choose the city rural health and community nursing prize each 3, two prize 5, third-prize personal number, select the group first prize 3, two prize in the 5 group, three some members of the group award. Finally, a team will be selected to participate in the national finals. It is reported that in June this year, the Gansu provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Federation of trade unions jointly issued "on the Gansu province to carry out health training and skills competition activities of the notice", the province’s basic health training and skills contest officially kicked off. Since the event started, all through the township and village two staff training, city and county layers in the form of competition, the selection of the 14 team in the provincial final semifinal, choose a team to participate in the national finals. Gansu provincial health and Family Planning Commission deputy director, provincial health office director Guo Yufen said, this is the effect of skill competition of basic health job training and skills contest review, is a good platform for the province’s primary health care workers learn and exchange of technology, is the effective carrier to improve the service capacity of primary health care institutions, with the medical and health system the reform work progresses, the medical and health work will focus on the grassroots, put forward higher requirements on the technology literacy level health workers. At the same time, she fully affirmed the province’s basic health and job training skills contest achievement of participating representatives, referees, the organizing committee member units and departments around the contest’s support and efforts to express my heartfelt gratitude. At the same time, also put forward the requirements of competition activities, hope players can improve their service quality and service ability continuously through the skills competition, full level health workers in our province good spirit and superb level of business. It is understood that the competition will be closed on the afternoon of October 23rd, awarded the trophy and certificate of honor for the ranking of the best players and the team, to get the city health, rural health and community nursing personal contest players awarded the province’s basic health skills pacesetter "title, awarded the provincial level health technology pacesetter" title of won the two prize of the players. Share to: (commissioning editor: Gao Xiang, Zhou Wanting)相关的主题文章: