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Lu Gusun: why do I have to make the "Chinese English Dictionary" – Sohu culture channel   "I want this" Chinese English Dictionary "to help foreigners understand the traditional culture China, such as" hail "and" kowtow "what is different," Qingming "why is called" Bai Liu ‘(the 106 day of the winter solstice after). In addition to the pronunciation and meaning, but also let them know a little Chinese characters shape training, such as baby ‘treasure’, the jade under the roof, which is simplified, and the last word "?" is more complex — the house hidden in the cylinder cylinder, jade and money." 13:39 on July 28, 2016, a sweltering but suddenly heavy rain in the afternoon, the life for us to compile a dictionary, teach us to learn English by Mr Lu Gusun left. The idea that the spirit of the aristocracy, life can be a little grassroots, the old gods suddenly disappeared from our vision. From then on, there was an English master in paradise. After the death of Mr. Lu Gusun, a lot of people have published commemorative articles, many of which are referred to the Chinese English Chinese dictionary. Mr. Lu Gusun’s death, the desk is still placed in the "Chinese English Dictionary" manuscript (below). Last August 19th, the "Chinese English Dictionary (on)" at the Shanghai Book Fair held a grand ceremony on the first day, so many people know that Mr. Lu nearly twenty years of efforts. First gained widespread attention by the media at home and abroad since the publication of "science", "the evaluation of Wenhui Chinese English Dictionary (on)" as "a may bring changes in turn the world upside down". Hongkong Phoenix TV news program "bright spot" and editor of time by nearly 10 minutes and nearly 5 minutes of time to promote the "Chinese English Dictionary (on)", the evaluation for "the history of the most awesome dictionary". A good bedding roll for the publication of volume, not just with Mr. Lu familiar friends and colleagues worried about "the Chinese English Dictionary (under)" was published, many more users and readers by phone, email or online message, ask the next progress and the time of publication. The publication of the Chinese English Chinese Dictionary (lower) is also the biggest wish of Mr. Lu Gusun in his later years. "Asking for it" series of Chinese Mr. Lu Gusun for "new English Chinese Dictionary" and "dictionary" and renowned at home and abroad, to become the dean of bilingual dictionary circle. Why "achieve success and win recognition, asking for it to write Chinese English dictionary? Mr. Lu had explained: in 1991, I introduced by President Xide Xie know Hongkong famous person An Zijie. When he met, he told me that Liang Shiqiu and Lin Yutang finished the English Chinese dictionary and went to make a Chinese English dictionary. The remark brought me a little vanity. At that time, the English Chinese dictionary compilation has been completed, I think the timing is also very appropriate…… In 80s, the beginning of a country in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada I visit bookstores and noticed a sales phenomenon — Chinese dictionary is not good, but the foreigners wishing to buy Chinese foreign dictionary down a lot. But the Chinese and foreign dictionaries on the shelves are either rare or have a content相关的主题文章: