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"People’s prosecutor" contest intensified Tao Yin interpretation of human – Entertainment Sohu "people’s prosecutor" Tao Yin stills as propaganda Sohu entertainment news China commemorate the 95 anniversary of the Communist Party of outstanding TV broadcasting plays "people’s prosecutor" since landing CCTV prime time broadcast, whether in the audience or the audience share reputation are eye-catching performance. The role of Tao Yin, Zheng Yu and other interpretations of the majority of the audience sought after, but also by the audience as full of human touch. In a few days before the broadcast of the story, Tao Yin plays Xia Jingru in patience to persuade the suspect’s daughter, alleviate the indifference between father and daughter, the embodiment of big sister Chen Chen and colleagues enlighten, for it to communicate with their parents, let Chen and Tian Qing love to get their permission. In addition, Xia Jingru in the face of evil forces, but also to maintain a consistent enthusiasm, with the warmth of each other. The people the impression that the traditional impression, prosecutors are not down to earth, "high, big," exists in the TV series "people’s prosecutor" is to subvert the image. Xia Jingru in dealing with the case, I care about everyone met. Whether it is a suspect or a colleague, are treated with sincerity, the image of the shape of the warmth of the prosecutors who live side. In this regard, Tao Yin modestly said: "prosecutor and as people think it is a tough life, I like playing Xia Jingru, even in the interrogation of suspects, she is very calm. At the same time, she also has full of warmth, small things will be moved, regardless of the prosecutor’s identity, to take care of the people around."相关的主题文章: