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Why is Ang Lee the most international award winning Asian director? Sohu culture channel with two Venice Golden Lion Award, two Berlin Golden Bear award, the two session of the three session of the Golden Award, Oscar Oscar Ang Lee, is in the International Film Festival won the most honor Asian director 1990 "push" "push" is mainly about retired Zhu was settled in the United States the son of life take over the pension, but because of the language and family values are not the same, which causes a series of contradictions in the life of his son and daughter-in-law, Yang et al., which has caused his longing for the motherland. This is the first drama film directed by Ang Lee, when he was 37 years old. The script won the Taiwan government excellent plays award, won the 400 thousand yuan bonus. 1993 "the wedding banquet" "wedding" mainly in the United States to settle with Gao Wei and a Gay lover Simon settled in New York Manhattan, Simon is an American man. And Gao Wei in Taipei with their parents do not know that their children are gay, and constantly forced to breed. Gao Wei in order to wish the parents wish, decided to use Simon to come up with a way, and worried that the United States can not get a green card to the illegal immigrant female painter Gu Ying married, Simon continue to live together with the same life with Gao Wei. The news with great parents from Taipei to New York, as the son of the wedding, so the conflict relationships of a series of the last Wei with the parents that their children are gay. This flurry of excitement is like a Chinese wedding. The film won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, won the best director award at the Seattle Film Festival, and won the Golden Globe and the Oscar Award for best foreign language film. In addition, the film also won the thirtieth Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best screenplay, director, works and audience voted the most outstanding award. "1994" in "the natural instincts of man in the natural instincts of man", Lao Zhu is all the most powerful Taipei chef, but his wife had died, he was a man to take care of her three daughters, their personality is different, a week old Zhu spend burning a delicious meal and daughters and friends happy, but there is a skeleton in the cupboard, has been the most sensible and well behaved daughter announced that she was pregnant, as a teacher of Christian sister also announced boyfriend and married, father and sister didn’t react in a hurry to jump on the boyfriend car speeding away; the most seemingly bright two daughter cheated because of the failure of investment but could not complete the wish to buy a new house, but in the original place, most people the difference is that the father and a grade difference widow cohabitation, originally a complete family. Instant fragmentation. Finally, their daughter with a broken mirror joined together, a new member of the big family reunion again. The film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film Nominated for the thirty-ninth Asia Pacific Film Festival best works, best editing award, best foreign language film of the seventy-seventh David Griffith award, and won the indie award and the seventh Taipei Film Awards Outstanding Award, 1994 ranked Taiwan top ten Chinese first name. 1995 "reason and emotion"?相关的主题文章: