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The future is worrying! The village dairy animation less than 10 hours on-line because of illegal foreign today (October 10th) than the old village stone wet works "Monday peach" (tentative translation, formerly known as "Monday for guys guys" of animation) announced at the same time, first sets are also posted on the popular video site YouTube, the message immediately triggered a day home cheer. However, only happy not to half day, afternoon the animation set of first because of irregularities were deleted YouTube. Japan local time around 18 users in Japan open "Monday" peach first sets YouTube page, has been unable to find video playback, and display the video community in violation of the norms of YouTube has been deleted." Community norms of so-called YouTube include a ban on naked, and involves explicit violence, dangerous and harmful content of discrimination, coercion, spam, fraud and so on. "Monday" peach first sets "to the Monday morning shachiku brothers sent" peach stone village according to the popular comic book adaptation, length of only 4 minutes and 37 seconds. Animation can be seen in all our pictures, and enjoy the beauty of the impact of Optima, in addition there is no radical picture. Is deleted because of the "sexual content" or "discrimination" or some other reason, unknown. But originally scheduled to release 12 episodes of animation in the first episode of the line less than 10 hours to be removed, the fate of the animation in the future will be very worrying. Tencent animation will continue to focus on! In addition, the animation was deleted YouTube thing, but also caused a hot Internet users, netizens commented: this level is deleted why? There is no dew point." Big breasts high school students sexual cues, involving minor protection law." "Monday’s peach" was deleted, and the only thing that could cure us was taken away!" "There should be no problem, right? "Monday’s peach" will come back, right? I can only pray." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: