Once Shunxi Hunan TV debut investment will choose day record 2017- entertainment Sohu set file dnf商人吧

Once Shunxi Hunan TV debut "investment will choose day record set file 2017- Sohu Sohu" entertainment entertainment news by Zhong Jia Shu as general director, Yang Xiaopei served as executive producer, Luhan nuozha, starring Ceng Shunxi, Xu Lingyue, Wu Qian, etc. starring Chen Shu, Eric Tsang, Yao Di, and other special starred in Costume fantasy drama "optional day in mind", yesterday unveiled the 2017 Hunan satellite TV business. Have Shunxi youth "choose day record" debut next year – Shunxi had anticipated broadcast Hunan satellite TV "investment" choose day record according to the tricky novel of the same name, tells the story of the world devil coexist in overhead, to Luhan plays "Chen Changsheng" as the representative of the young hero growth story. This just fixing the TV star studded, during the filming period already tempt the appetite of fans, what time can be and the audience, has become the most concern you. At the end of yesterday’s 2017 Hunan satellite TV business, starring drama "has Shunxi articles" choose day record debut, hammer next year in Hunan satellite TV broadcast. The event, Shunxi was wearing a denim jacket collocation of sports shoes, full of vitality and extraordinary vitality. He played in "" in the choose day mind is Chen Changsheng’s best friend, Wenshui young "Tang thirty-six". As a "male" choose day record No. two was Shunxi, scene "Tang thirty-six" characters, called "willful yourself, casual and elegant bearing, is a very pleasant and interesting characters, but his practice is not his ambition." Host Wang Han took the opportunity to ridicule the interaction of the two had Shunxi, attracted the audience bursts of laughter. Hunan Taiwan leaders also said that the choice of heaven is a very good novel adapted, very optimistic about the Tang thirty-six character. The details of the build quality to the beginning of the heart "builders choose day record" in mid October this year successfully completed, experience to give the audience the ultimate vision, to build the largest real crew of more than 6000 square meters, a new studio, minimum 1400 square meters, builders of the remarkable heart. In order to present the best work, the cast and the actors have also experienced many challenges. Hengdian filming locaion just heat, when the actors dressed in costume is just a multi-layer filming, standing in the hot sun is sweating. As the crew rushed to the scene to shoot the inferno, thousands of miles away in Dunhuang, Jadin, Aksay etc., temperature, wind frequency, quite difficult conditions. In order to ensure the safety of all personnel, the crew is also prepared to accompany the ambulance, 24 hours standby, can be seen in the "day of choice" crew not only intentions and intimate. At the same time, through some ingenuity props, "" maximize the choose day mind retains the story of reality and the daily life, many props are deliberately made "used", such as ink, desk grinding half and ink in the ink stick to a semi-trailer Candlestick, burning full of tears on the pier neatly placed old figurines and so on, to all the minor details exquisite scenery and props all embody the intentions of the crew. TV drama "original" choose day mind is one of the top IP reading group, the original big IP, together an excellent group of old and new actors for their cooperation, more highlights.相关的主题文章: