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Huizhou car against fraudulent behavior of   348 new energy vehicles one by one check – Guangdong Channel – original title: the fraudulent behavior of car of 348 new energy vehicles one by one check in October 13th, the Huizhou Municipal Development and Reform Bureau news release, Huizhou 2015 annual promotion and application of new energy vehicles special inspection working days before the official start, commissioned by the third party each verification of city last year 348 new energy vehicles. Municipal Development and Reform Bureau responsible person, for the implementation of the provincial development and Reform Commission and other six departments "on the 2015 annual new energy vehicles to promote the application of special inspection notice" to the relevant work requirements, Huizhou commissioned third party specialized agencies of new energy vehicles to promote the use of 2015 year by car for verification and comparison. Verification includes vehicle check, vehicle purchase invoice, vehicle license, vehicle sales provided by the party included in the national "energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and application of recommended models directory" batch certificate models etc.. According to reports, the new energy vehicles in 2015 Huizhou city a total of 348 vehicles, including pure electric bus 110, plug-in (by program) hybrid passenger car 138, pure electric passenger cars 100. Recently, Huizhou has been carried out by a verification and comparison of city of new energy vehicles through the "third party intermediary supermarket selection, expected verification will be completed in late October. In recent years, some city was exposed, the presence of fraudulent cash subsidies for new energy vehicles phenomenon. In April this year, there was also some users report Huizhou city transportation company suspected of defrauding the car up, I hope the relevant departments to investigate. In this regard, the municipal development and Reform Bureau responded by saying, from national to local departments at all levels to carry out a full range of new energy vehicles to promote the application of the work of the special inspection, verification of local protectionism, financial subsidies and other key content, will be associated with the city and county departments to further carry out on-site verification, find the problem seriously. If the investigation found that the existence of fraud problems, will be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, but also to welcome the Internet users to reflect the specific situation. Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, said the subsidies for new energy vehicles, the country is to accelerate the deployment of new energy vehicles and strategic deployment of effective measures. National and local supporting documents at all levels clearly defined the scope of subsidies and punishment, must be strictly enforced. According to reports, the behavior of fraud in Huizhou hold zero tolerance attitude. "Once verified, will be severely dealt with according to the law, cheat up behavior to give a severe blow to all, without mercy." (Zhou Huan Liao Yuxian) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: