37 provincial bus 28 Kaichui auction show time is 21 to 27 days (video) naughty怎么读

37 provincial bus 28 Kaichui auction show time is 21 to 27, the original title: 37 provincial bus 28 Kaichui newspaper news Changsha auction cheetah, Passat, Chevrolet, Honda…… 37 retired bus will usher in the new owner at the auction. Recently, the Hunan Provincial Government Offices Administration issued a notice: at 10:00 on the morning of September 28th, in the Changsha Xintian hotel office building two floor meeting room No. 1, held a provincial bus reform in Hunan province for disposal of twelfth auctions. Please carry a valid identity certificate and certificate of payment (deposit 10 thousand yuan car) to Hunan Yongda Auction Company Limited registered for bids. Deposit payment account: Hunan Yongda Auction Co. Ltd., Changsha Bank branch dawn, 800037989902012. Vehicle display time and place: September 21st to September 27th 12, the provincial authorities centralized office before the Ping (friendship road and Furong Road intersection southwest corner). Registration time and address: from September 21st to 17 at 708 (with the arrival of the deposit and registration of applicants to apply for the location of time), No. Bayi Road, Eastern Mansion, room 20. Tel: 136773558160731-82827709 business supervision: 89971678 (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Liang Meilan) [review] Hunan provincial organs bus reform disposal vehicles 27, the first auction相关的主题文章: