Class WeChat group quarrel parents anxious teachers also embarrassed 音羽かなで

Class WeChat group in the fight against the parents of the teacher is also embarrassed just two weeks of school primary school freshmen in the outbreak of conflict within the WeChat group, the parents of the two children because of how to fill out the form of a statement about the frame. The parent group was originally released as a teacher of information WeChat group, the occurrence of such a situation, the new teacher is also very depressed. Quarrel is the reason why fill in the form on the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, the public Mr. Wen received a phone call from his wife, so he quit the child class WeChat group. Because of work reasons, Mr. Wen will be the children’s class parents were screened, the first half of the first half of the year, he has not been concerned about the children’s class WeChat group, why was suddenly asked to retire? Under questioning, the wife say the reason, the parent group of two parents by consulting the child filling problem occurred conflict between teachers, in order to prevent the recurrence of embarrassment, each family can only leave a parent. Yesterday, Mr. Wen will be displayed in his class group to reporters, the reporter noted that a simple problem has caused a misunderstanding between the parents, and then repeatedly upgraded. Mr. Wen said that before the Mid Autumn Festival, the teacher in charge of the group through the release of WeChat news, requiring each parent to fill in a unified school table for children. More than and 90 of the parents of the WeChat group, the parents have been discussing how to fill in, and suddenly another parents asked to discuss the two people go out to talk privately, and said the class is a teacher with the use of information, not a discussion group. See his wife to say, female parents husband in the group began to fight back, the two sides by speaking into a rage, one of them also launched about planes, both sides of speech is more and more intense, the final class to mediation, both sides had to temporarily stop abusive. WeChat group is now a bit sour Mid Autumn Festival the next day, the statement in the parents group, after the group only released related teaching information, each family can only leave a parent, the more than and 90 group of parents became more than and 40 people. Mr Wen said that the children from the kindergarten, the school has established a group of parents, in and around a lot of colleagues, there is a widespread view is that many parents group has taste, as long as the teacher instantly sound, there will be many parents like support, will emit a lot of compliment this straightforward language, please the behavior of some time also let the teacher feel embarrassed. The reporter a day brush 10 times mobile phone many parents feel anxious reporters yesterday in the street was briefly investigated, 14 parents of pupils in 6 of people said there have been anxiety of parents of WeChat group, how to behave more active in the class before, timely reply class director information is parents worried content. Parents Zhang Adan said, children entered primary school children, every day before school, turn on the WeChat, waiting for the teacher to send static job feedback, restlessness, excessive anxiety has become the new norm. Chat software 24 hours standby, as long as the teacher sent a message, it will be easy to reply a thank you". Holding a cell phone, check the parent group every day to send a variety of information teachers, and even fear of missing a "hard" thank you". Parents Liu Xin said, a little time to work.相关的主题文章: