Provincial Public Security Department issued a green card for 7 foreigners to obtain permanent resid 若槻ゆうか

The provincial public security department for 7 Foreigners "Chinese green card" won the permanent residence permit of Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Su Gongxin Ding Sheng Ma Jingjing the photo) the morning of November 18th, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau exit Entry Administration Bureau to 7 members of the long-term residence in the territory of Jiangsu China foreigners issued a foreigner permanent residence certificate, namely "China". So far, in Jiangsu to receive a Chinese green card foreigners to 629 people. Permanent residence permit issued on the modern express reporter learned that, in August 2004, approved by the State Council, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of foreign affairs promulgated and implemented the "foreigners in China permanent residence approval management approach", marking the formal implementation of China permanent residence system. In accordance with the provisions of the "rules" foreigners can apply for a permanent residence permit to the public security organs, that is, the Chinese green card". Access to the "green card" foreigners in China, the residence period is not limited, with the "green card" and a valid passport to enter the Chinese border, without additional visa formalities. In addition to the specific rights and obligations of political rights and laws and regulations, they shall enjoy the same rights and obligations as citizens of china. Permanent residence permit issued by the deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau Cheng Jiandong introduced, as of now, a total of 629 foreigners in Jiangsu, a green card". They come from more than and 50 countries, including the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany and Australia in the top 5. The "7 Foreigners China green card" in Jiangsu, the central organization department are the "thousand person plan", is the national focus on the introduction of overseas high-level talents, many entrepreneurs in Jiangsu, or in the university. Of which 6 per capita for U.S. citizenship, a person of Singapore nationality. The United States nationality Mr. Shi Zhongming got the green card Chinese a day earlier, Cheng Jiandong had to come to the Nanjing Jinling Hotel, Singapore Chinese century, centenarians Tao Xinbo issued permanent residence permit for foreigners. Tao Xinbo was born in Nanjing in 1916, went to Southeast Asia in 1937, in 1969 to join the Singapore nationality, and expand a brilliant career in singapore. 30 years ago, Tao Xinbo to China investment, construction of Nanjing landmark Jinling Hotel, and has set up a fund to aid the poor students to finish college or go to the famous business school, has won the "honorary citizen of Nanjing city", "China’s first Singapore Trade Achievement Award" honor.相关的主题文章: