Jiangsu this week the weather rainy Wednesday will usher in significant cooling (video) 特命战队go busters

Jiangsu this week the weather rainy Wednesday will usher in significant cooling of Yangzi Evening News (reporter Yu Dandan) did not go out two days before the autumn’s buddy, failed to live up to the good weather. Because tomorrow, Jiangsu will usher in a continuous rainy weather, forecast the day after tomorrow along the southern part of the heavy rainfall in Jiangsu. Judging from the current forecast, rainfall in Nanjing and other places will continue until September 30th. Wednesday began to have a significant drop in temperature, the day is expected to fall in Nanjing, the maximum temperature of about 7 degrees celsius. Yesterday, Nanjing is dominated by cloudy weather, and there is a little light rain in the thick clouds, but the maximum temperature reached 29.4 degrees centigrade during the day. Today, the province is expected to cloudy to overcast, where there is a part of the Yangtze River and Huaibei showers, but the temperature is still high, the highest temperature around 28 degrees Celsius in Huaibei, other regions of 29 ~ C. In general, July and August is the season of typhoon generated, but the typhoon is not only a product of the summer, after the formation of the autumn typhoon in September, and sometimes more often worth paying attention to. At present, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" menacing, is expected 27 days before and after the "catfish" will be landing or grazed in southern Taiwan, after the trend of Fujian and Guangdong, and on the 28 day ago in southern Fujian to Eastern Guangdong landing. But after landing in the suppression of cold air, "catfish" may not go north, not a positive impact in Jiangsu. But the huge external cloud and cold air combination will bring Jiangsu rainfall. Is expected to 28, typhoon "catfish" external influence, Nanjing have small to moderate level of rainfall. And the temperature has dropped significantly, to 28, the highest temperature in Nanjing fell to about 23 degrees celsius. The recent Nanjing weather: cloudy today, 21 C to 30 C; tomorrow cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, 22 C and 30 C; the day after overcast with showers, 21 C and 23 C expansion has nothing to do with the original video. The typhoon "catfish" approaching the southeast coast or the impact of China’s National Day holiday相关的主题文章: