Henan two people trapped courtship with his first cohabitation man killed the woman’s Family Divorce fifa14下载

Henan two people in cyber love and divorce his first wife after cohabitation man killed family home woman Yuanyang County woman gemou by QQ and Wang Puyang man met fell in love, then two people have love and family again after divorce. However, a strong desire to control the Wang gemou look particularly strict, disgusted gemou angrily to work in Zhengzhou, Wang in the call can not be connected for the case, he thinks the skeptical gemou his family from thwarting them meet, and that gemou may have another new huan. Angrily, Wang came to Gregory home, the home of 3 people brutally killed, and the house will be lit, this should not happen love destroy 3 families. In August 7th, the Municipal Bureau of Public Security Bureau issued notification that the plain case, August 5th at 10 pm, the murder occurred in the area. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Wang and gemou because of emotional disputes, Wang will gemou his mother and his brother and sister-in-law pregnant a total of 3 people killed after the house lit. Suspects have been arrested Wang, Wang currently on suspicion of intentional homicide in Yuanyang County People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. In August 17th, when the investigators Yuanyang County People’s Procuratorate investigation and supervision department to the scene forensics, the scene is too horrible to look at, with hair standing on end. With the assistance of local police, prosecutors opened the locked door. Hospital of gratifying cucumber and bean is hard to imagine, 10 days ago there had been a daughter of darkness. Talking about this murder, the villagers still haunt. The case protagonist gemou neighbors said, then heard the sound of the housing collapse after he hurried up, see the house on fire, quickly shouted to the neighbor jumped into the gemou gemou home yard, flung open the door, in front of the scene so that everyone are ignorant. I saw gemou mother only wearing a pair of underwear in the bedroom door Westinghouse blood, gemou brother lying in the doorway of the sofa beside the east room door and a charred corpse. An ordinary police pulled the suspect on August 6th at 3 pm, the city public security bureau plain Bureau received a report that the murder occurred in a village in the area. After the alarm, three public security authorities of the province, city and county immediately start the murder detection mechanism, the relevant personnel quickly to the scene to carry out detective work. The scene of the fire and the bodies of 3 cases that became the location of whirling, the case caused a police alert. Half a month ago, two police had the police in this field, together with the coordination of civil disputes, two people immediately associate it with Puyang province wang. After 15 hours of intense work, August 6th at 6 pm, the city police in Puyang province arrested the suspect Wang will succeed. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Wang (male, 36 years old, Fanxian) and gemou (female, Xinxiang plain demonstration zone) because of emotional disputes, Wang will gemou mother, brother and sister 3 people killed. The suspect Wang confessed to their crimes. A section of the affair should not happen in 2014, Wang and Ge on the QQ to understand, in the year of March, two people in the case of divorce did not apply for the beginning of a frequent meeting of the in the year of 2015. 2015 in June, Wang and his wife for a divorce, he led a pair of sons and daughters of life. 2016 March, Ge Mou leaves 3相关的主题文章: