Tibet travel notes to West 蔵 taboo; didadi

More and more people in the travel notes to the west, now to the Tibetan Tourism taboo, to the Tibetan Tourism in addition to take some clothes and medicine, the Tibetans have some unique customs, to understand before the tourists to tibet. Tibet is a strong feature of local customs, must When in Rome do as Romans do! There are many Tibetan religious buildings such as temples, the White Pagoda, Weisang Taiwan, can not climb, or by turning into the temple to visit, to follow a clockwise direction. Must not turn or walk in the opposite direction. Tibetan temple are generally prohibited to take photographs, into the temple remember not to wear a hat and sunglasses. Touch the Great Hall of the Buddhist statues and other do not, nor can the finger pointing. Their tongue is a sign of respect, or feel shy rather than ridicule, Namaste is a kind of etiquette. The recipient should smile and nod for the ceremony. The head of the children can not touch, only to touch the living buddha. Tibetan horse meat, and never eat the flesh of a donkey meat. Some local Tibetans do not eat fish. For Tibetans believe dogs and horses is humanity, can not eat; and the donkey is regarded as a very dirty things, do not eat. So, eat the flesh of a donkey, dog and other things mentioned in Tibet do not. The Tibetan people entered the tent, room, foot threshold is not available, do not spit in front of others. Do not wear women exposed when visiting the temple clothing (such as skirt shorts etc.). Avoid using one hand to deliver goods. Master of tea, the visitor must use both hands put the end, in order to express respect (the Han people have the same habit). Don’t mess at Tibetan pictures, please friendly conversation, ask and ask before shooting. Without people agree that random shooting, do pay others ask you too much shooting costs. Do not try to help foreigners without legal procedures to enter Tibet. This basic common sense should know.相关的主题文章: