Fuzhou zhuzifang Furong garden Gumao reproduce according to old photographs painstakingly restored 法拉利599gto

Fuzhou zhuzifang Furong garden Gumao reproduce according to old photographs painstakingly restored well-proportioned Hibiscus Island don’t beautiful Xiao Xian Ting channel network October 25th hearing (Haidu reporter Zhu Liping Wen Xiao Chun road map) national cultural relics protection units, Fuzhou City celebrities — zhuzifang Ming Dynasty Prime Minister Ye Xianggao former residence of Hibiscus Park, has been completed according to history the original repair, to be acceptance of the State Administration of cultural heritage will be open to the public. Hibiscus Park covers an area of 3660 square meters, by zhuzifang No. 34, No. 36 and No. 19 Garden Lane, No. 23, before and after the two garden rockery, cistern, cave, attic all according to the old photo fix, well-proportioned, elegance. Yesterday, the reporter went to the field visits. Fuzhou three lane seven Lane Protection Development Co., Ltd., said the relevant person in charge, Zhu Zifang historical and Cultural District project in 2012 to start the stage, plans to basically completed in 2018. "Don’t Hibiscus island" Taihu stone "complete Bi Yuan zhuzifang No. 36 by the first room, the main seat, garden composition. After the garden rockery is the 3 largest rockery garden, landscape construction, tranported Fuqing sea reef, according to the old photos look to recover from West Lake moved back to the "Hibiscus Island rockery stone also don’t" stand in the garden pool on the site. It is understood that the "Hibiscus Island rockery stone, is not" Qing Dynasty, to get Gong Yitu back to the home in Fuzhou governor Zhu Zifang built the Taihu stone lotus garden. Hibiscus Park, also known as Hibiscus Island, so there will be the inscription on the stone. Built at the beginning of the "Hibiscus Island don" adjacent to the Wuling villa, located in the original zhuzifang Garden Lane 19, 21, 23, the ancient building large scale, wide range, east of Fahai Temple, North zhuzifang, and path Fuxue, Fuzhou is a famous classical garden. "West Lake Park was built, from the destroyed zhuzifang Furong park a shipment of Taihu stone to decorate the park, after the multi-party coordination," Hibiscus Island rockery "don’t" complete Bi garden "." Mr. Wu construction relevant responsible person said, Furong garden repair 3 rockery, with thousands of tons of sea reef. Garden water and river with Aetna No. 23 Garden Lane by former garden, fold Gallery, Baiyun Vihara, Wuling villa etc., water is a major feature of lotus garden. Reporters follow the construction side of Mr. Wu visited Furong garden, found in two in the garden of the bridges, pavilions, terraces and open halls of classical elegance. Mr. Wu said that the historical park has 3 lines connected slobber pool, now only two, an area of more than and 240 square meters. Aetna river river high in history, although the park pool and river culvert Aetna connected, but because of the underground water at the bottom of the pool is communicated, spring will follow the river water fluctuation aetna. Stroll the hibiscus Park, visible after the renovation of the Wuling villa retained the doors and windows, railings, stairs etc. the exquisite wood carving; the park’s largest pool, now dozens of crucian carp, carp in the water swimming briskly. The building has been restored the original shape in the gallery above the fold has been rebuilt, fish pond; white clouds has been repaired 3 windows jingshe; on the wall to restore the middle lines, words on both sides of the plum brick pattern; according to the drawings provided by the later generations, Shitai before the restoration of furnishings danzhuoshiyi. (channel network) >相关的主题文章: