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"Liu Shuailiang" was a donkey water ball up sister played sentimental first love – Liu Shuailiang dressed in "pajamas" entertainment Sohu with the audience Sohu entertainment happy twist second comedy masterpiece "donkey" is water released on October 28th, the day before Liu Shuailiang, Ren Suxi, Pei Kuishan such as a public key creative came to Peking University, close communication with students. The character appeared in Zhou Tienan and Liu Shuailiang with the role of contrast before and after the fresh interpretation of the critically acclaimed, he will share his life once in the director of tenderness offensive on the play of Sun Jia guanjin meet in Bu Ying, and two people during the filming of "grab the ball" scene was improvised to crash out of the creative, won the audience with no full understanding, praise "". Liu Shuailiang shared "donkey water" to tease the shooting fun sister but rejected by a happy twist comedy film "second water" the donkey roadshow has lasted more than two weeks ago, Liu Shuailiang, Ren Suxi, Pei Kuishan such as a public key creative into the Centennial Hall of Peking University students harvest applause. In the film Liu Shuailiang with the character of "red" and "horizontal" elements of the character in the hot temper blunt Zhou Tienan, the role of vivid interpretation and centering the interpretation to the audience impressed, on-site countless powder. He will be with the students to share their own in order to better show the iron man and Sun Jia love childhood sweetheart meet in our rehearsal in Beijing during which he had in life with director to cultivate Allison tacit understanding between and feelings, not only have a day long way around her back to school, also launched the delicacy offensive, hope closer with Allison the distance was "unromantic" Allison to complain: "the director director you see, he got my brother!" Attracted the audience laughter, have said "good brother sister up so the original iron man, a routine". Liu Shuailiang first love touching sentimental interpretation of an amazing film "donkey balls scattered water" before the official shooting had been rehearsing in Beijing for a month, and in the film shot and experience life for a month, this time all the actors stay together morning and night. Liu Shuailiang said: "we like one family", and Allison also become more and more close, the two co "grab ball" the scene full understanding, to the audience left a good memory. This director said before the scene without any design, Liu Shuailiang and Allison in the field of "touch", including iron man shot in the play are Liu Shuailiang’s free to play, because the real reaction is the best. Liu Shuailiang also asked to share their audience scene of the trailer ball scattered thoughts: "in fact, the box of the ball is Tetsuo gave Allison, after him, feel don’t deserve Allison, feel shy to send her, so I put the ball in the box car." Liu Shuailiang profound interpretation of Zhou Tienan and of the love between the young Tetsuo Allison wonderful interpretation of the critically acclaimed, the two eventually broke up the outcome but also the audience sigh with emotion, said "love is not married. Too bad". Liu Shuailiang starred in the second comedy movie "happy twist" in October 28th water donkey national release, the film with high quality and good reputation to get a strong look, after the official release will have more viewers to see Liu Shuailiang wonderful table in the film相关的主题文章: