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Come and watch! Ten creative kitchen kitchen decoration design?? are often similar, but with the unceasing innovation, more creative kitchen into people’s lives. Folding kitchen, kitchen, circular bowl type kitchen and so on, these innovations not only highlights the simple design of modern kitchen decoration, created through modern and future space characteristics, which makes Home Furnishing kitchen is full of vigor and vitality. Here we come together to learn about the latest creative kitchen renovation design. ? 1, the United States and the United States and simple abstract kitchen design? Gorgeous minimalist Abstract kitchen design is very suitable for the family of three. Apple red cabinets and tables, gleaming black mesa, more Naizang, this is a perfect combination of style and content. ?? 2, environmentally friendly and practical kitchen?? sustainable kitchen is the key you can get what you need, and it can well handle the waste, such as: wash the bowl of water to water the flowers, water washed clothes for mopping the floor, with tap water to help small refrigerator cooling,……. This "mobile kitchen" is a compact, simple design, both environmentally friendly and pragmatic. ? 3, the luxury folding kitchen? This is a "vanishing room": a smart folding luxury kitchen, which includes all utensils for cooking and dining. On the wall many hidden doors or gates, open the door, there is a kitchen. The famous designers from Italy George? Armani design kitchens can be dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, steam oven, microwave oven and food on the inside, like a drawer or a small cellar can not hide, do not see. This product can be a good solution to the lack of space inside the apartment embarrassing situation. 4, the kitchen table made of recycled wood? When it comes to the design of environmental protection kitchen, the most effective way is to recycle the old material into the kitchen utensils, so you can spend less money to enjoy a better life. This restaurant to play a creative transformation, the use of recycled wood strips made of kitchen table, it looks more simple and streamlined. ? 5, computer, kitchen, dining room integrated kitchen? This seems to be a simple kitchen, but it can be more functions, but also has a built-in display, through which you can log on to the internet. You can cook, eat, and surf the internet. If you are preparing a meal, the family can browse the web and wait for their food. ? 6, round kitchen? In the near future, you can use the circular kitchen. The cylindrical design of the kitchen to make full use of the space, covers an area of six square feet. It can rotate, to show you the refrigerator, sink, microwave oven and dishwasher and other kitchen utensils, very convenient to use. In the kitchen there are built-in lighting systems, power outlets, and even garbage mixers. It’s all in one. ? 7, ultra modern kitchen settings? This ultra modern kitchen with minimalist theme, but fully functional. The arc edging design on ambry is very safe for children, will not be any sharp injuries. As far as I am concerned, cooking in this kind of kitchen will certainly bring you spiritual pleasure. ? 8, a new type of environmentally friendly kitchen? This modern minimalist style kitchen design is fully in line with environmental conditions, because it -相关的主题文章: