Nanguan District strive for the construction of the Northeast regional center city core area 步步高i606

Nanguan District: strive for the construction of Northeast Asia regional center city core area — the prospect of the next five years, the South Gate of the way to make sure "millet, who want to treat the situation". The next five years, China is the full realization of the first hundred years goal, "13th Five-Year" is an important stage of development planning, key nodes, promote the comprehensive revitalization of Changjitu old industrial bases in the implementation of the province, the city is speeding up the construction of the Northeast regional center of the city, to create "five upgrade" the period of strategic opportunity. In this context, Nanguan District as I downtown, shouldering the "pioneer, pioneer station" historical responsibility and mission. "Old spit" is the most distinctive Nanguan District city name card, "happiness is the most desirable Nanguan" blueprint for the development of the South Gate area. A new bright and challenging 5 years at the foot, how can one step at a time to go solid and calm? The people have already sketched out dare to do everything naguan direction: seize the development first, adhere to the overall spirit of General Secretary Xi series of important speech to guide the economic and social development, to emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, in order to upgrade, enhance the content as the main line, to promote the sharing of development achievements as the fundamental guarantee to strengthen and improve the construction of the party, to high-end industrial agglomeration, highlighting the core function of construction, urban grade excellence, people’s happiness of the central city in Northeast Asia regional core area. The next five years, the main goal of Nanguan District is: by 2021, GDP reached 41 billion 260 million yuan, an average annual increase of 8%, increase the value of the modern service industry accounted for more than 10%; the full fiscal revenue and GDP growth to keep pace; investment in fixed assets total 35 billion yuan; total domestic investment 31 billion yuan, the average annual growth of 15%, foreign capital $540 million, an average annual increase of 12%. Urban function is more complete, social progress, continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, people’s happiness and satisfaction in the province to maintain the leading level. To accelerate the transformation and upgrading to improve the quality of development and stronger economic order space layout optimization and upgrade the industry level, expand the total economy, the next five years is the South Gate Primary and urgent task. Nanguan District will adhere to the spatial concentration, resource intensive, industrial cluster oriented, accelerate the new platform to expand in transition, forming exclusively Nanguan characteristics and advantages, to create a modern service industry heights. – with the partition function for the lead, prominent ribbon development and massive promotion, promote the efficient use of high quality, exquisite space development, regional dislocation development of high-end resources, build an area of four with eight plate "industrial layout. "Metro area south of a district that is as the main battlefield of economic development and strong engine, strengthen planning guidance, industrial agglomeration, overall function, basic facilities, to create distinctive, influential and leading role of radiation and strong high-end industry gathering area, the southern part of the city has become the core area of modern service industry core. The "four zones" in people’s street, Yatai street, Jiefang Road, nanhu road, the "two vertical and two horizontal" traffic artery as the basic framework to build people’s Avenue, Yatai street, Jiefang Road, Nanhu Road Economic uplift.相关的主题文章: