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Build a green financial system – Finance – People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries jointly issued the "guidance on the construction of the green financial system". What are the policy implications of the introduction of this guidance, the green industry and ecological civilization construction will produce what kind of impact? How do you see China’s international influence on this issue? Xinhua News Agency reporters an exclusive interview with the people’s Bank of China Deputy Governor Chen Yulu. To mobilize and encourage more social capital to invest in green industry: what is the main point of departure and the policy consideration? Chen Yulu: to strengthen the ecological environment protection and ecological civilization construction, the construction of beautiful China, has become a major national development strategy. At present, China is in a critical period of economic restructuring and transformation of the mode of development, to support the sustainable development of green industry and economic and social sustainable development of green financial needs. The construction of green financial system and the increase of green financial supply is an important measure to implement the "five development ideas" and to play the role of structural reform of the supply side of financial services. The introduction of the guidance, one is to mobilize and encourage more social capital into the green industry, while more effectively curb pollution investment. Practice shows that the reputation effect can stimulate green investment. Some green investors, including China’s green bond issuers this year, in the pursuit of commercial returns, but also harvest a good social reputation. Emphasis on reputation, responsible investors are increasing. Policies to encourage financial institutions and enterprises to carry out green investment and financing, will be a positive response. Two is the government in the appropriate areas to use public funds to give incentives. Many green projects because of its positive external effects have not been fully endogenous, yields slightly lower than the market level, social capital may not want to intervene. Therefore, it is necessary through discount, guarantees, loans, PPP (government and social capital cooperation mode) to reduce its financing costs or increase their income. At the same time, improve the efficiency of public funds, better play "42 dial Jack leveraging effect". Three is to promote financial institutions and financial markets to actively and steadily increase financial innovation. Through the development of new financial instruments and means of service, to solve the problem of green investment and financing is often faced with the deadline mismatch, asymmetric information, product and analysis tools and other issues. Multi dimensional innovation to meet the needs of green industry investment and financing: "guidance" in promoting the development of China’s green financial innovation tools and means? Chen Yulu: the "guidance" based on China’s national conditions, drawing on international experience, summed up the successful practice of the development of green finance in China in recent years, the research put forward the financing tools and many innovative incentive mechanism. First, the establishment of green development fund. The "guidance" clearly put forward the central government to integrate the existing energy-saving environmental protection and other special funds to establish a national green development fund, and encourage qualified local government and social capital jointly initiated the regional green development fund. This will be issued to the community at the policy level to support green investment positive, major policy signals to help boost investor confidence. Two is through the central bank refinancing branch相关的主题文章: