Call for love hit Deng Cinderella chasing love to remember in the center of the world headache怎么读�

"Call for love" hit Deng Cinderella chasing love to remember Tencent entertainment news recently in the center of the world, starring Ou Hao, Zhang Huiwen, Deng Xin 90 youth face film "love" is calling for major theaters aggressively in the center of the world. It is reported that the film adapted from the Japanese novelist Katayama Koichi’s best-selling novel of the same name, had hit 7 million copies of the best-selling book in asia. The young actor Deng, who plays Huang Yanyan with the youth and dreams of female high school students, once again to take us back to the green years, write a scene of pure love story. The movie "call for love" in the form of memory in the center of the world, from Kodak (European luxury decoration) view along the route of memory was removed back to high school alma mater, tells the story of a love for the world to follow the memory center of the beautiful love story. Kodak recalled (ouhao ornaments), summer (Zhang Huiwen), Huang Yanyan (Deng Xinshi) and other high school memories and dust buried in the bottom of the years. 95 after "vitality girl" Deng Xin invited two female movie star Huang Yanyan, an ordinary high school students dare to love and hate, unrequited love for Xu Lang (Gao Taiyu ornaments) and insist on his philosophy of love. She would love to boys in their efforts to become good, and perseverance. It is reported that, in order to play this role, Deng was in the short term fattening fifteen pounds, to close to the true character of "Cinderella", by thin fat, then complete the downsizing of the transformation in the play, she said he was touched by the pure love and pay the time regardless of personal danger, but also very envious of the role, in order to love the people who lose weight, lose weight can do such a difficult thing, her love is very introverted but very powerful. As the summer release of the end of a movie, "love" in the center of the world with high value and little meat Yan the most popular youth theme story, and that Deng Xin played Huang Yanyan’s persistent appearance let many users refer to the green to see myself, couldn’t help reminiscent of the campus occurred the sentimental love story, the best we staged in youth in.相关的主题文章: