Chinese ambassador to the United States on the U.S. presidential election, Sino US relations and oth 高达08ms小队

Chinese ambassador Cui Tiankai on the U.S. election, Sino US relations had an interview with CNN Beijing – although the United States presidential election has just ended, Donald was elected president of the United States? Trump has not officially took office, the new government came to power but also means that the United States may change in some policy. The day before, China ambassador Cui Tiankai told the CNN (CNN) in an interview with the chief international correspondent Oman Pu, the U.S. election, Sino US relations and other issues answered questions. Chinese expect the U.S. government to achieve a smooth transition for China said Cui Tiankai Trump was elected the next president of the United States, Chinese, President Xi Jinping has sent congratulatory messages to President elect Trump. China is looking forward to see the U.S. government to achieve a smooth transition, but also look forward to working with the U.S. government to establish a fruitful partnership to continue to promote the sustainable development of bilateral relations between China and the United states. China than any country "trade war" against China related negative remarks how Chinese view Trump during the campaign, such as the China manipulator, improve China’s trade tariffs and "trade war" etc.. Cui Tiankai said, growing between China and the common interests and mutual demands, constitute the foundation of bilateral relations, defines the connotation of bilateral relations, the two countries have conducted good cooperation in broad areas of trade, investment, energy, counter-terrorism and a series of international and regional issues, such cooperation is still expanding, which determines the future of Sino US relations. Sino US economic and trade relations are mutually beneficial and win-win. Cui Tiankai said that China does not want to trade war with any country or any other form of war, the United States and China are members of the WTO, we should act according to the rules of the WTO. Is willing to jointly promote the Asia Pacific lasting prosperity and stability when asked about how Chinese view Trump may take measures to reduce the participation of isolationism, international affairs, Cui said that the current international relations is no longer the "zero sum game" between countries should not be mutually exclusive. Sino US cooperation benefits the rest of the world, and China also hopes that the bilateral relations between the United States and other countries will be beneficial to the international community. China is ready to strengthen cooperation with all parties concerned to jointly promote sustainable prosperity and stability in the Asia Pacific region. China will continue to work on climate change, Cui Tiankai said, adding that climate change is a global challenge for global cooperation. China and the United States have played a leading role in this issue, especially to promote the achievement of the Paris gas exchange agreement. In response to climate change, no matter what other countries will do in the future, China will continue to make sincere efforts.相关的主题文章: