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German Chancellor Merkel opposes border closures to control the tide of refugees. Data figure original title: Merkel against the closure of the border against the tide at the people in Syria "security zone" China news network February 18th Spanish media reported, "where there is a boundary line, they go there to erect barriers. There is no doubt that the barriers lie between Turkey and Bulgaria, as well as on the borders of Turkey and greece. But what can we do when borders are in the sea? We can’t stand up there……" On the evening of 15, German Chancellor Merkel rejected the demand of European countries, that is, by closing the border, disposable control of the refugee tide in europe. "Merkel is right. The solution is to distribute refugees fairly among all European countries. Germany just can’t afford everybody." Silke said that she is a volunteer at the age of 52, joined the Christian Democratic Union in the Baden campaign rally – Fu Teng fort, she carried placards "solution to the CDU, democratic solution." At the entrance to the conference center at Fort Vince vineyard, Merkel received enthusiastic applause from supporters. But as she walked from the bus to her destination, she heard the boos and whistles of her open policy. Merkel appeared in two election activities in 15, in which she launched a campaign to be held in March 13th, while facing the three provinces. In addition, she clearly shows her strategy. First of all, as the first results, Merkel introduced to reduce Germany’s wave of refugees: decreased obviously, reduced to 1000 passengers a day following refugees, and in the summer of last year, a daily average of more than 3000 people refugees. She also pointed out that Germany has reached an agreement with Turkey, as in the "security zone" (no bomb attack) in Syria was built, it will be reduced more in the European refugees and the key to solve the problem fundamentally. "I can fully understand the government of Turkey accused of Europe, we are unable to explain why, in Europe do not accept refugees at the same time, it requires Turkey to life more difficult for refugees in Syria open border." Merkel said this to supporters who were skeptical. "When illegal immigrants are controlled, only Turkey agrees, and these quotas make sense." She said, as she explained to many European governments, the government has hinted at a clear do not want the new commitment before the number of foreigners illegally across the border. The election strategy, Merkel’s campaign strategy, has not only adopted the international policy adopted in the crisis, but also strengthened her policy in germany. In the "supply and demand" under the slogan, her party made a list containing a lot of initiative, to speed up the integration of refugees into the German Society and the labor market, to avoid the emergence of slums, and to ensure respect for culture and German law "". For example, she proposes to cut social subsidies for refugees who refuse social and language obligations, who do not accept jobs or commit crimes. Permanent residence permits are issued only to persons who are well aware of language and national law, have no criminal record and are able to maintain their livelihood. Carry out the game

德国总理默克尔反对关闭边境控制难民潮 难民潮。资料图   原标题:默克尔反对关闭边境阻难民潮 望在叙设“安全区”   中国网2月18日讯 据西班牙媒体报道,“哪里有边界线,他们就去那里竖起障碍。毫无疑问,障碍存在于土耳其和保加利亚以及土耳其和希腊的边界上。但是,当国界在海里的时候我们能做什么?在那里我们无法竖起障碍……”15日晚,德国总理默克尔拒绝了欧洲国家的要求,即通过关闭边境一次性控制以欧洲为目的地的难民潮。   “默克尔是有道理的,解决方法是在所有欧洲国家间公平分配难民,德国只是无法负担所有人。”Silke说,她是一名52岁的志愿者,参加了基督教民主联盟在巴登-符腾堡州的竞选集会,在她携带的标语牌上写着“基民盟的解决方案,民主的解决方案。”在靠近拉文斯堡葡萄园会议中心的入口处,默克尔收获了支持者的热烈掌声。但是,在从公车步行前往目的地的过程中,她听到了对于她的开放政策的不断地嘘声和口哨。   默克尔15日出现在两个选举活动中,在这些活动中,她发起了一项将在3月13日举行的运动,同时面向三个省。此外,她还清楚展现了她的策略。首先,作为第一个成果,默克尔介绍了进入德国的难民潮的减少:下降十分明显,难民减少至每天1000人次以下,而在去年夏天,平均每天的难民超过3000人。她还指出,德国已经与土耳其达成了协议,随着在“安全区”(无炸弹袭击)在叙利亚的建成,这将成为减少更多进入欧洲的难民和从根本上解决问题的关键。   “我完全能理解土耳其政府对欧洲的指责,我们无法解释,为什么欧洲在不接纳难民的同时,却要求土耳其向生活更艰难的叙利亚难民开放边境。”默克尔对持有怀疑态度的支持者这样说。   “在非法移民被控制时,只有土耳其同意,这些配额(难民)才有意义。”她指出,就如她对许多欧洲政府的解释,这些政府暗示在弄清楚有多少外国人非法跨越国界线之前不想要新的承诺。   选举策略   默克尔的竞选策略除了在危机中采取的国际方针还有加强她在德国内部推行的政策。在“支持和需求”的口号下,她的政党制定了一个含有很多倡议的清单,来加快难民融入德国社会和劳动力市场,避免贫民窟的产生,并保证对文化和德国法律的“尊重”。比如,她提出削减对拒绝社会和语言义务课程,不接受工作机会或犯罪的难民的社会补贴。永久居留证只会发给对于语言和国家法律有足够的认识,无犯罪记录并且有能力维持生计的人。   推行这些政策的一个巨大困难是来自该党主要合作伙伴(社会民主党)的阻力,虽然根据来自莱茵兰普法尔茨联邦州的总理候选人Julia Kl?ckner的说法,“在一段时间的思考后,我们会支持这些倡议的,就像我们之前做的一样。”   默克尔面对的另一个巨大障碍是右翼平民主义党派德国的选择(AfD),在Emnid 的民意调查中获得了12%的支持率,位列第三,这迫使默克尔的基民盟(CDU)巩固立场以免失去来自右翼的选票。   “不幸的是,在接下来几周内将看到太多的选举秀和少数建设性措施。”分析家René M?ller对此表示遗憾。此外,默克尔还有陷入远景的风险。地方和地区性管理机构承受着开放政策最严重的后果,他们表现了对结果的不耐,无论政治表现了什么信号。(张怡宁) 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: