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The Commission barge "anti-corruption slowdown": "slow hand anti-corruption" just paranoid Sohu news anti-corruption since known as "struggle", the road ahead is not doomed to the boundless plain, every step forward, will face new resistance, will inevitably have a variety of noise. This does not, "now too dead, bound hand and foot" "to catch the managing party, which have the energy to do other work." "so insecure, impact energy", all started coming sheer fallacy, intermittent. Secretly tell you: "is in isenough, almost, anti-corruption can slowly hand." Can anti-corruption really slow down? The answer is no doubt negative. First of all, corruption is a social and historical phenomenon, at all times and in all countries, with no exception whatsoever, the emergence and existence of long-term persistence, decided "forever on the road" inevitability. Some people say that corruption without borders, the end of the world without pure land. Indeed, the world, the East, the west, Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, different cultures, different regimes, any power is facing the risk of corrosion, corruption scandals have never been interrupted. Man must have ideal, but can not idealize. With the development of the times, although humans already have many amazing fantasy, but "if suddenly spring night, the trees of pear blossoms", all of a sudden get rid of corruption troubles, is absolutely impossible. Quick success is often counterproductive. Secondly, the current situation of anti-corruption struggle is still grim and complex, and the task of comprehensive and strict party management is still arduous. The seriousness and complexity of the situation and task determine the firmness of "always on the road". It is undeniable that after years of efforts, the struggle against corruption has achieved remarkable results, but it is far from the time to celebrate victory. The reality shows that under high pressure, some still engage in luck, circuitous tactics, changing the pattern of money money making; some deception organization, against the organization, trying to escape the punishment of Party discipline; the "four winds" convergence on the surface, but has not disappeared, and some make only superficial changes appeared in a variety of the advance secretly by an unknown path, variation. We are in a great struggle with many new historical features of the present work is just a start, "a long way", not the slightest slack and pause. Again, the purification of political ecology, pure and vulgar is not a short duration of time of the power, stubborn, repeated corruption and unwholesome tendencies also determines the "forever long on the road". Corruption and unhealthy tendencies have been formed for a long time, and they are deep-rooted. Now, the cadres and the masses are most worried about the problem of the rebound, the rain wet land, the most hope is the formation of normalization, unremittingly, maintain long-term. "He hold, a pole slack back spirited away, perseverance, relaxation and endless, to the anti-corruption struggle in depth. If not as a crime is, there will be a wind sways grass not only deteriorated, a stirring among the dry bones, political ecology, it will seriously damage the party and the people. With a broader view, the Party style, clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle are always on the road, reflecting the historical consciousness and responsibility. "It must be a holistic treatment, can not hold one in." Party conduct and clean government construction and anti corruption!

中纪委驳“反腐趋缓论”:“反腐缓缓手”只是妄想-搜狐新闻  反腐败既然被称之为“斗争”,前进道路注定不会一马平川,每向前推进一步,必然会面临新的阻力,难免会有各种噪音杂音。这不,“现在管得太死,束缚了手脚”“都去抓管党治党,哪还有精力干其他工作”“这样下去人人自危,影响干劲”,种种奇谈怪论,开始断续传来。明里暗里就是在告诉大家:“够啦够啦,差不多啦,反腐败可以缓缓手啦。”   反腐败真的可以缓缓手吗?回答毫无疑问是否定的。   首先,腐败是一种社会历史现象,古今中外,概莫能外,其产生和存在的长期性持久性,决定了“永远在路上”的必然性。有人说,腐败无国界,天涯无净土。的确,放眼全球,东方、西方,亚非、欧美,不同文化、不同政体,任何权力都面临被腐蚀的风险,各种腐败丑闻从未间断。人要有理想但不能理想化。随着时代的发展,尽管人类已经拥有许多令人惊叹的能力,但要幻想“忽如一夜春风来,千树万树梨花开”,一下子摆脱腐败的烦恼,绝对是一件不可能的事情。急功近利往往会事与愿违。   其次,当前反腐败斗争形势依然严峻复杂,全面从严治党任务依然艰巨,形势任务的严峻性复杂性决定了“永远在路上”的坚定性。不可否认,经过这几年的努力,反腐败斗争取得了明显成效,但还远没到可以庆祝胜利的时候。种种现实表明,高压之下,有的仍心存侥幸,搞迂回战术,变着花样收钱敛财;有的欺瞒组织、对抗组织,企图逃避党纪国法惩处;“四风”在面上有所收敛,但并没有绝迹,有的改头换面、有的暗度陈仓,出现了各种变异。我们正在进行具有许多新的历史特点的伟大斗争,现在所做的工作仅仅是开了个头,“路漫漫其修远兮”,不容有丝毫松懈和停顿。   再次,净化政治生态、淳风化俗绝非一朝一夕之功,腐败问题和不正之风的顽固性、反复性也决定了“永远在路上”的长期性。腐败和不正之风历久形成,根深蒂固,抓一抓会有好转,松一松就会反弹。现在,广大干部群众最担心的是问题反弹、雨过地皮湿,最盼望的是形成常态化、常抓不懈、保持长效。“逆水行舟用力撑,一篙松劲退千寻”,锲而不舍、驰而不息,才能把党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争不断引向深入。除恶如不务尽,一有风吹草动就会死灰复燃、卷土重来,不仅恶化政治生态,更会严重损害党心民心。   用更广阔的眼光看,党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争永远在路上,体现的是历史的自觉和担当。“治事必须通观全局,不可执一而论。”党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争是全面从严治党的重要内容,全面从严治党是实现“四个全面”战略布局的根本保证。自1840年以来,中华民族已经在伟大复兴的征程上艰辛跋涉了170多年。现在,中国的年度GDP已是全球第二,我们比历史上任何时期都更接近民族复兴的伟大目标。在这关键的历史节点上,反对腐败必须坚定不移,管党治党必须坚定不移,才能以严肃的纪律、良好的作风为中华民族伟大复兴保驾护航。   “世之奇伟、瑰怪、非常之观,常在于险远,而人之所罕至焉,故非有志者不能至也。”推进党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争,只有保持坚强的政治定力,踩着不变的步伐,保持力度不减、节奏不变、尺度不松,才能赢得这场输不起也决不能输的斗争!相关的主题文章: