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Fuzhou Gulou one school side stores do not perform purchase inspection system checked channel network November 19th hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter Jiang Fangfang) hot strip without nutrition, sodium content exceeded the standard, additives too much, is a healthy "invisible killer"". The report on the Fuzhou primary and secondary schools around the "50 Fen food" flood, caused widespread concern. Yesterday, Fuzhou Gulou District market supervision and administration to the sea are reporters feedback: as of November 18th, the Bureau has checked 43 schools in front of food business operators 114 times, issued a "rectification notice" 14, 4 "50 Fen requirements can not explain the source of food business operators immediately off the shelf, and supplement the supplier’s license and food certification, market regulators will 1 substandard food cues Chaogu to the supplier location, and 1 of the outstanding purchase inspection system operators to initiate an investigation, at present, the case is under further investigation. The morning of November 11th, law enforcement officers in Pingtung middle school, Gulou Experimental Primary School in neighboring "50 Fen food" on-site inspection, most businesses licenses complete, sales of "50 Fen food" production license logo, production date and shelf life information, but still found a few stores, invoices for cable card system implementation is not in place, unable to provide "certificate of supplier qualification documents and legal spicy snacks", the requirements of law enforcement officers operating households to immediately stop selling invoices for cable card records are not complete food on the spot and issued a "notice" shall order rectification, refuses to rectification to be a criminal investigation. (Strait network) >

福州鼓楼一校边店未履行进货查验制度 被查海峡网11月19日讯(海峡都市报(微博)记者 江方方)“辣条”无营养,钠含量超标,添加剂过多,是健康的“隐形杀手”。海都报关于福州中小学周边“五毛食品”泛滥的报道,引起广泛关注。昨日,福州鼓楼区市场监督管理局向海都记者反馈:截至11月18日,该局累计检查43所中小学门口食品经营户114家次,下发《责令改正通知书》14份,要求4家无法说明“五毛食品”来源的经营户立即下架,并补充提供供应商的许可证和食品合格证明,将1家不合格食品线索抄告给供应商所在地的市场监管部门,并对1家未履行进货查验制度的经营户予以立案调查,目前,此案正在进一步调查处理中。11月11日上午,执法人员对屏东中学、鼓楼实验小学周边进行“五毛食品”现场检查,大部分商户证照齐全,所销售的“五毛食品”有生产许可标志、生产日期及保质期等信息,但仍发现少数店家,索票索证制度履行不到位,无法提供“辣条”等小零食的合格证明文件以及供货商合法资质证明文件,执法人员要求经营户立即停止销售索票索证记录不齐全的食品,并当场发放了《责令改正通知书》,对拒不整改的予以立案调查。(海峡网)>相关的主题文章: