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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews A global leader in manufacturing of semi-automatic rifles and handguns, Heckler and Koch products are used by the military units, by snipers and civilians as well. HK pistols in the semi-automatic range are well known for their ergonomic designs, caliber configurations and advanced firing features. The civilian variety of hk pistols have manual safety mechanisms and greater controllability. They are much easier to handle and can be safely fire. In civilian competitive shooting and game hunting, the semi-automatic guns are put to great use. Semi-automatic firearm is the one that automatically reloads and fires a single round of bullets per trigger pull. Semi-automatic pistol has a single chamber and barrel. Heckler and Koch semi-automatic guns are well known for their multiple caliber options, advanced design principles and light weight. HK USP series has powerful handguns with extraordinary caliber configuration and features. HK USP standard , tactical and the compact models are chambered to fire the three powerful calibers such as the 9 mm, .40 S&W and the .45 AUTO. Hk USP stands for Self-Loading pistol that has a huge American market. It is an ultra reliable handgun with polymer frame and stainless steel body. The recoil reduction system is very unique and powerful one in this model. The control lever function of the gun can also be switched from the left to right. Its two main variants are the HK USP Compact and USP Tactical. The compact model is a small frame pistol that is popular for its compact size and effective shooting performance. It is a great model for concealed carry. Easy to shoot, this is a highly reliable pistol with a polymer frame. HK USP Tactical is an enhanced version and has a threaded barrel and adjustable target sights can be easily mounted on it. It has a patented lock-out safety device. Converted to any of the nine triggering modes, this pistol delivers well in extreme conditions. USP Compact Tactical is chambered to fire the only .45 ACP caliber. This pistol was especially designed for use by the USA special forces. Having a o-ring barrel, a variety of sound suppressors and functioning in the most tactical combat situation, this USP model is a great one. If you are willing to buy an average caliber gun, the hk 45 will be the right choice. It is an improvement of the USP45. It has a standard picatinny rail, feature better ergonomics and has a great internal mechanical recoil reduction system. Rapid firing and component service are premium features of this gun. The service life is minimum for 20,000 rounds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: