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Internet-and-Business-Online Tenali Ram and Krishnadev Raya, or Birbal and Akbar are pairs of kings and jesters who are seen with awe even today in country even after hundred years. Both these famous men who were jesters in the respective kings courts have often brought sense to the court and the kings and delivered justice to the .mon people and alleviated them from suffering by asking a few .edy questions to the kings and the courtiers. When you want to ask unlimited question intersperse the conversation and the series of question with as many .edy questions as possible. .edy questions evoke a lot of smiles and laughter from others and bring joy and happiness. While a tale or story can help aid learning and make you understand the concept, humour helps you remember and your motivation to repeat the narration makes you remember the import of the question or the learning forever. Often the most un.fortable questions, if asked in the form of .edy question can bring answers without irritating others or disturbing their emotional quotient. What is most difficult part of any question is how best it .fort the answer giver to volunteering the required information or help you solve a problem. .edy or humor is the essence of life, it is said. How true? Most people will remember what you have said in humor because of the joy it kindles through smile and laughter. The joy of laughter unnerves them, helps them think better and provide the right answer or rather the truth of things or factually correct things. Most theatre, cinema, and other media incorporate humor and hilarious scene to help the audience .e back to the screen from the emotions of the boredom of the story. If you were to analyze any of the scripts of the dramas and movies you will .e to the conclusion that .edian who play their part in them as funny and sometime sensible question to break the seriousness of the heroes or heroines, or bringing back the crafty villain to the senses of the situation. The .edian is rewarded with a pat or a good sigh from the heroes. As .edy question and break the ice. That will prove a good strategy in business whether you in the lower rung of business soliciting sales or trying to build a relationship at the higher level to expand business. There thought the humor is used as a strategy, the joy of laughter it kindles breaks the ice and brings conversion of prospect into a sale or takes relationship to new heights. Whether you are a student learning or a professional working, make it a point to make humor part of life by asking unlimited .edy questions to other and as well as yourself to beef up your mood. There is no one in the world who does not like humor and hilarity or otherwise hate. Everyone wants to posses it and enjoy it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: