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.puters-and-Technology One thing that you will be required to go through when you set up website for personal or business use is to get domain names for your web property. To do that you will have to go through the process of domain registration where you get a unique name for your website. This is a simple guide to the steps that are required to .plete this process as well as some special points that you need to pay attention to in this process. Going through this domains process is similar to renting a location for a business in that for a specific time you pay for the right to use that space for your enterprise. Depending on the amount you pay you can get up to a ten year contract to lease the use of a particular word or phrase for your website. At the end of that period you can renew the contract or stop paying and then that phrase is available for purchase by someone else. The first thing you need to do is collect the information needed for the application process. For the individual this would be name, address and other contact information. For a business you would need copies of your .pany information to be provided during the process. In either case last piece of information you would need is some payment source to pay for your registration fees such as a credit card. After you obtain this information you would need to decide on the actual name for your site. Some people choose a more keyword oriented name especially if they are in business to sell a product or service. Other people go for a memorable name in the hopes of branding their site to the group they wish to get the attention of. Either way has its pluses and minuses and ultimately it is individual choice on what the final name is and how they choose it. The next part of the research phase is to check online services to see if the names you want are available. Many registrars offer a free search feature that will let you see if the name or variations of it will be available for purchase. So depending on how popular the term you are going for is it may be available or you may have some work finding a name that you can use. Then you need to pick one of the registrar services available for the last step of this sign up. Check on the services that each provides for its customers as well as cost of the service. Many times these services will offer discounts at different times in the year so that is something else to check on. In addition if you are getting multiple domains you may want to stick with one or branch out to a few of these providers. Then collect your individual or .pany information along with the names you want to use and found were available. You then will need between ten to fifteen minutes to sign the forms, pick how long you want to pay for the name and to finish payment. Then it make take a day for the DNS servers to be updated with your new domain information. After you finish the domain registration process the next step is to finding a web hosting provider that you can use your newly purchased name with. You will use the purchased domain with the hosting service to create a unique name for your site along with the space on a web based server to build it. Putting both of these together will give you all the resources needed to have your unique website on the internet. About the Author: Why Is Desthiobiotin Nhs Ester Protein Labelling So Important By: smartweb – When it .es to testing anything, whether inside the human body or outside of it, it is extremely important to understand what it consists of. Tags: A Wide Range Of Electronic Goods Awaits You Here By: GoodContent – ONLINE ELECTRONIC STORE FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRONIC NEEDS. 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