A new batch of forest oxygen bar China Shaanxi announced the list of five units on the list (video)-avbox

A new batch of "forest oxygen bar" China Shaanxi announced the list of five units on the list of the newspaper news (reporter Zhao Hui) October 23rd, the good news in the national forestry bureau, China green times held the forum of Shaanxi province forest oxygen bar, Ningdong Forest Park, Shaanxi huangbaiyuan National Nature Reserve, Shaanxi Huashan national Forest Park, Shaanxi cattle Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve, Shaanxi Taibai national Forest Park on the list. Last year China’s first batch of 37 "China forest oxygen bar" after the announcement, held in October 23rd China Forest Bar Forum in Beijing issued the second batch of 47 companies list, including forest ecological tourism, national Forest Park, National Wetland Park, nature reserves, national parks, state forest, scenic area, 5 units in our province on the list. With the first batch of Hanzhoung Li Ping scenic spots on the list, there are 6 "Chinese forest oxygen bars" in Shaanxi". This selection, the organizers invited plant, ecological, landscape, tourism and other experts, the reporting unit of the natural conditions, air conditions, landscape conditions, service capacity, traffic conditions and other indicators were evaluated, especially to evaluate the concentration of negative oxygen ions, PM2.5 air particulate content, air bacteria content of forest health factor. According to the study, when the air negative ion concentration is more than 10000 cubic centimeters per cubic centimeter, it can play the role of disease prevention and treatment. It is an urgent need for urban residents to breathe fresh air, get rid of fog and haze, and get healthy health in densely forested places. The dense forest vegetation, the negative oxygen ions is beneficial to human health and plant essence, high concentration and fresh air, these places become a forest oxygen bar, plus the forest, landscape, ecological and humanistic beauty, health care, making it an ideal place for leisure tourism. (Xi’an Evening News) Note: video only to expand reading the first batch of "China forest oxygen bar" released

新一批“中国森林氧吧”名单公布 陕五单位上榜  本报讯 (记者 赵辉) 10月23日,在国家林业局、中国绿色时报举办的森林氧吧论坛上传来好消息,陕西省宁东森林公园、陕西黄柏塬国家级自然保护区、陕西天华山国家森林公园、陕西牛背梁国家级自然保护区、陕西太白山国家森林公园榜上有名。  继去年我国首批37家“中国森林氧吧”名单公布后,10月23日举行的中国森林氧吧论坛在北京发布第二批47家名单,包括国家森林公园、国家湿地公园、自然保护区、国家公园、国有林场、风景名胜区等森林生态旅游地,我省5家单位上榜。加上第一批上榜的汉中黎坪景区,陕西目前共有6家“中国森林氧吧”。 此次评选,主办方邀请了植物、生态、景观、旅游等方面专家,对申报单位的自然条件、空气条件、景观条件、服务能力、交通条件等指标进行了评价,尤其是对负氧离子浓度、空气PM2.5颗粒物含量、空气细菌含量等森林健康因子进行科学评价。  据研究,当空气负离子浓度为每立方厘米10000个以上时,能起到防病治病的效果。到森林密集的场所呼吸清新空气、摆脱雾霾困扰、获得健康养生,成为城市居民迫切需求。茂密的森林植被、有益于人类身心健康的植物精气、高浓度的负氧离子和清新的空气,使这些地方成为一个个森林氧吧,加上森林、山水、生态和人文之美,使之成为养生保健、休憩旅游的理想之地。(西安晚报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读 首批“中国森林氧吧”出炉相关的主题文章: