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"A" rebel "Donnie Yen exposed the full lineup of international Tencent Dan" entertainment news "Grand Theft Auto: A Star Wars movie star wars episode" will be shown at the end of the year. Recently, two "a number of Star Wars: episode" International Poster version officially released. The blind man played by Donnie Yen Qilu special is very eye-catching, handheld crossbow and super technology transformation, before the "blind monk" style in many Hollywood stars in the same strain, abnormal eye-catching, no sense of violation. The first Lego Chinese earlier, Donnie Yen in "a number" in the style became the first in Lego China on human doll prototype. Donnie Yen Lego doll exposed when they suck enough attention, "a Lego version of" video more people on Donnie Yen’s "blind man" force full of expectation. But careful users are found, as the international version of the poster exposure, Donnie Yen has a series of action figures to fourth. "Abuse" Bissell force possessed Donnie Yen not only can easily abuse the white pawn, a few days ago, Donnie Yen and van dissel partner "XXX 3" also officially fixing. Unlike many characters of soy sauce, in 3 Donnie Yen Bissell, featuring the protagonist, and veteran Bissell van dissel than who can play has become a secondary issue. Who is the most extreme cattle agent controversy has long been launched on the internet. During filming, Donnie Yen turned to Dan "the secret is to exercise the muscles and deeply admire the Hollywood filmmakers, van Dicer’s chip chip were close exchanges, two more by working to become friends, still talk with doll set. In the first year of international Dan Donnie Yen’s "IP MAN" (TV version of the film version) series swept the world, called the speech live IP after Donnie Yen has not stalled in the "great master" of the ring. There are many drama body Donnie Yen in Hollywood all the time, but 16 years unexpectedly dense. The Star Wars series, Bissell series, continuously big production, big IP, starring role, let fans for "Kung Fu Zhen Dabian" full of confidence in the global, more netizens dubbed the 2016 should be considered as the "International Year of dan. It is reported that Donnie Yen in Losangeles filming the full schedule, and immediately return to work after the cover, and specially went to Chaozhou to experience life, learning in Chaozhou, will further challenge in acting, "chasing the dragon" role "to be number one", and Andy Lau played the "Reynolds" cross century hutch".相关的主题文章: