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Health Have you ever wondered why your relationships never last or your injuries don’t heal very fast if at all? What Dr. Bradley Nelson had discovered is that 8 out of 10 of us build something around our heart called a "Heart Wall". What happens is that trapped emotions create a wall around our heart that blocks us from living life to its fullest. Why is removing your heart wall so important? This is a wall that seemingly protects us from getting hurt. It actually may protect us to some degree from heartache and heartbreak. However, it closes us off to building effective relationships with everyone we .e in contact with including our "love of our life". It also prevents us from healing properly from injuries. Why would you want to remove your heart wall? By releasing the heart wall your organs will heal much better and you will notice that your relationships will improve. Here are some experiences with removing the heart wall to help you understand a little more about why it is so important to remove it. My personal experience with releasing my heart wall was a very subtle event. It wasn’t apparent at first. However, over a few weeks I realized that my deep grieving feeling over my mother’s passing had subsided substantially and I noticed that I was more productive at work. Normally anytime anything went wrong in my life, I would fall into a deep depression. I realized that after my heart wall was removed that my deep depression stopped and that was why I was more productive. After a year went by I looked back and realized I was obviously an improved person. Much more confident and more secure with who I am and able to make decisions I hadn’t been able to make in previous years. Cindy, age 43, was diagnosed with breast cancer and the tumor was reluctant to leave the body even though some progress was made. However, once the heart wall was gone, the way was open and it assisted in the removal of the actual tumor. When this occurred and her physician confirmed that the tumor was in fact gone, she exclaimed, "My tumor disintegrated!" Another story is from a 70 year old CEO named Marc. He had been having difficulty with his employees and wanted to change his feeling and relationship toward them. He looked to removing his heart wall for the answer. He wrote the following: "The starting point, life after the heart wall is removed, for me is that love is the answer. There are not enough words to relate the sure footedness creation aspects of my life now. The energy feelings are being reborn with only love in my heart for all souls on this earth. .passion is in and judging is out." If you haven’t experienced life without your heart wall, it is something that is definitely worth doing. This methodology gives energy healing practitioners another modality that will help in restoring balance to your clients. By removing your heart wall, many things are possible! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: