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Vacation-Rentals The city of Agra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year, thousands of tourists from around the world go on Agra tours to visit the different historical places that the mighty city has to offer. Agra tour packages are always in demand and so, Agra tourism is a sector which provides jobs to thousands of people in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Aprt from the three world heritage sites, namely Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri, there are many other historical places in Agra which are quite popular with the tourists. Gyarah Sidi is one such place, which has a charm of its own. Gyarah Sidi literally means 11 steps and it was the astronomical observatory of Emperor Humayun, the 2nd Mughal Emperor of India. It is situated near the famous garden of Mehtab Bagh and is visited by many tourists during their Agra tour. It is a very important site and was integral to the astronomical quest of Emperor Humayun. It is situated in a vacant field, near the banks of the River Yamuna. A short walk from this site will lead you to a village called Kacchpura, where you can see the ruins of a famous five arched mosque (called Panchmukhi), which was constructed in the 15th century. You may not find this place in the itinerary of any Agra tour package however; you can book a cab from Agra and easily visit this historical site. Emperor Humayun was not a successful ruler, which is evident from the fact that he made many administrative rulers and was eventually thrown out of his kingdom after he lost the war with the Afghan invader, Sher Shah Suri. However, he was a talented individual who was always interested in exploring the universe. He built the Gyarah Sidi to thoroughly observe the positioning of the celestial bodies like the sun, the moon and the pla.s so that he could understand their influences on the lives of the people at large. He had a deep faith in astrology and all his court proceedings were conducted in accordance with the position of the pla.s and the principles of astrology. Based on his astrological observation at this site, he concluded that all the governmental proceedings should be conducted on Sunday and Tuesday, based on the position of the sun and mars. He believed that the sun protects the sovereignty of the kingdom and mars looks after its prosperity. Thus, we can see that this place has a lot of historical significance and so many people visit it during their Agra tours. Tourists travelling from Delhi may not find any Delhi Agra tour or a Delhi Agra tour package that includes this place. Hence, the best alternative is to rent a car and then drive down to this place. Thus, Agra tours are a lot more than palaces and mausoleums. People who visit Agra or opt for any Agra tour packages can explore a lot of different places with historical importance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: